Tim Hjersted
Location:   Lawrence, Kansas
I'm currently working full-time on Films For Action, a non-profit organization that works to support the people working to change the world. Our current projects include regular documentary film screenings and the continued improvement of the Films For Action website. Our site features over...
Tim Hjersted added an article on Jul 27 2015
Ending Mass Incarceration: The Ongoing Call to Faith Communities
The crisis of incarceration this nation now faces demands people of faith act with swift and fierce moral authority to transform, not just reform, an irreparably broken...
Tim Hjersted added an article on Jul 23 2015
Cries of Betrayal, Calls to Organize as Obama Approves Arctic Drilling
'With this decision, President Obama has given Shell an open invitation to turn the Chukchi Sea into an energy sacrifice zone,' said Marissa Knodel of Friends of the Earth
Tim Hjersted rated JIN-NOW (2013) 2.5 stars on Jul 21 2015
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What Our Food Is Really Doing to the Planet, in 15 Jaw-Dropping Images
When current science news is filled with pictures — incredible, beautiful, literally awesome pictures — of planetary bodies 3 billion miles away, it's easy to forget what's...
Tim Hjersted added a video on Jul 17 2015
Horizon-1: A New Horizon For Humanity
For two weeks in March 2015, a film crew was given exclusive access to the Horizon-1 high-tech experimental community, which has been in development since 2006 via an...
Tim Hjersted rated The End of Capitalism Has Begun 4.5 stars on Jul 17 2015
Tim Hjersted added an article on Jul 16 2015
Love Is a Limited Resource: On Trauma and Queer Utopias
As a a person who is queer and politicized and poly (though currently with one partner) my newsfeeds on social media are frequently filled with statuses, tweets, posts and...
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Tim Hjersted added a video on Jul 2 2015
These Are The 3 Climate Tipping Points That Keep Scientists Awake At Night
This knowledge isn't supposed to make us afraid - it's meant to stir our hearts into action - to give us the fire that we can use to save everything we love. If you're...
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Tim Hjersted added an article on Jul 2 2015
Reflections on Privilege Theory
What privilege theory describes is undeniably true. And the facts and perspectives that privilege theory attempts to illuminate remains an essential aspect of education that...
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Tim Hjersted rated Thirsty planet 4 stars on Jun 24 2015
Tim Hjersted added an article on Jun 24 2015
10 Ways Truly Happy Couples Argue Differently
1. They aren’t going to just throw down. Instead, they’re committed to helping one another overcome problems and conflicts. Simply being mad at the person won’t resolve...
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Tim Hjersted added a video on Jun 24 2015
Jessica Williams Hires A “Helper Whitey” To Be Taken Seriously
Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper discuss the Confederate flag and its historical significance. When Williams realizes that she needs a white man to repeat her EXACT WORDS to...
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Tim Hjersted added an article on Jun 23 2015
No, You Need a History Lesson: The Confederate Flag Is a Symbol of Hate.
I was a very poor 16-year-old so, as you can imagine, having a car was out of the question. Wherever I needed to go, I walked -- which was not always pleasant on a Florida...
Tim Hjersted added an article on Jun 19 2015
Charleston and Ending White Supremacy
Dear friends, We don't need more conversations about race, we need conversations about white supremacy and how to end it.
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Tim Hjersted added an article on Jun 18 2015
Indigenous Knowledge Systems / Alaska Native Ways of Knowing
'The depth of indigenous knowledge rooted in the long inhabitation of a particular place offers lessons that can benefit everyone, from educator to scientist, as we search for...
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Tim Hjersted added an article on Jun 17 2015
The 4 Vows of The Bodhi-Activist
If it makes sense to feel hopeless about the future, maybe what we need right now is some 'profound nonsense.'
Tim Hjersted added an article on May 31 2015
The Small Habit That Could Save the World
Most of us were taught as children never to talk to strangers. At face value this is bad life advice — we can never know people we never talk to. But we know it’s only meant to...
Tim Hjersted added an article on May 31 2015
To Vote or Not to Vote: For Anarchists, Is There Only One True Way?
People can say with conviction and confidence that voting will never make a difference - but it's still a belief, and possibly one that may be too ideological for our own good...
Tim Hjersted added an article on Mar 18 2015
When Another Person Makes You Suffer, It Is because He Suffers Deeply Within Himself
“When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over.” - Thich Nhat Hanh I grew up in a family dominated...
Tim Hjersted added a video on Mar 18 2015
Letterman to Cornel West: Am I ‘Ignorant’ to Think Race Relations Are Getting Better?
The author of "Black Prophetic Fire" talks about the civil rights movement, President Obama and more.
Tim Hjersted added a video on Mar 17 2015
P L A N E T A R Y  (2015)
We are in the midst of a global crisis of perspective. We have forgotten the undeniable truth that everything is connected. PLANETARY is a provocative and breathtaking wakeup...
Tim Hjersted added an article on Mar 16 2015
How America's Culture of Shame Is a Killer for Boys
Put an end to shaming by doing one beautifully simple thing. For Americans, shame is how we make people do what we want. We use it on our children to get them to attend to...
Tim Hjersted added an article on Mar 16 2015
Touch Isolation: How Homophobia Has Robbed All Men Of Touch
Mark Greene has one clear reason we should all fight for gay rights. Homophobic prohibitions against male touch are hurting straight men as well. “Boys imitate what they see...
Tim Hjersted shared a video via Eli Dragen on Mar 16 2015
Within Reach (2013)
Within Reach explores one couple's pedal-powered search for a place to call home. Mandy and Ryan gave up their jobs, cars, and traditional houses to 'bike-pack' 6500 miles...
Tim Hjersted added an article on Feb 7 2015
Are Islamic State’s ‘Shock and Awe’ Tactics More Awful Because of One Victim?
The Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) burning of a captured Jordanian pilot alive produced justified revulsion globally, resulting in the terrorist organization being termed “barbarous”...
Tim Hjersted added local news on Feb 6 2015
The Problem Isn't White People. The Problem Is a Meme.
Have a look at this 2 minute clip from the film Schooling the World: The White Man's Last Burden:
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Tim Hjersted added an article on Feb 6 2015
What I Learned After Reading about Privilege Theory For 9 Hours
So one particular night I went on a knowledge binge and spent 9 hours reading about privilege theory. Below you'll find excerpts and links to most of the articles I read. My...
Tim Hjersted added local news on Jan 30 2015
What Social Change Activists Can Too Easily Forget
I often think about this quote from Malcolm X. It's a point that really can't be made too often. Having become socially conscious to a certain degree, it can be easy to fall...
Tim Hjersted added local news on Jan 27 2015
Humans Having a Human Experience: On Finding Meaning & Beauty from a Remix of Chardin's Famous Quote
There's a popular quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin that says, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human...
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Tim Hjersted rated The Beginning of the American Fall 4.5 stars on Jan 14 2015
Tim Hjersted added a video on Jan 14 2015
The Penalty - How Much Are Executions Costing you?
Do you know how much the death penalty is costing you? The Penalty is a 90-minute feature-length documentary from the award-winning Webby-nominated team behind One For Ten...