Filmmakers Behind "The Corporation" Launch Campaign to Donate Film to 1,000 Schools
Filmmakers Behind "The Corporation" Launch Campaign to Donate Film to 1,000 Schools
By The Corporation /
Feb 4, 2015

Get up off the couch! The filmmakers of "The Corporation" are raising money to launch a shorter, downloadable and affordable version of the film with a license for unlimited school and community screenings. If they make their goal of $50,000, they will gift the film to 1,000 schools.


Ten years ago, The Corporation (a film by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, and Joel Bakan) became an international hit, with the companion book by Bakan a bestseller. Now it’s time to gear up again because we’re not done yet! We need to re-write corporate charters, revive democracy, and revolt against the pathological pursuit of profit. Our very planet is at stake. Join Hello Cool World and the makers of The Corporation as we embark on a 10th anniversary year of organizing, action and dialogue.

To get it all started, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on to get the film FREE into 1,000 schools, and to offer an affordable and UNLIMITED public screening license for community groups and activists. We also want to create new videos, crowd-sourced educational materials and community screening resources — all freely available to anyone who pledges to “get up off the couch” and do something to challenge corporate power.

The crowdfunding campaign is now over but you can still contribute to help us reach our goal. You can also tell us why you think The Corporation is still relevant in our survey, and give us feedback on where we should go from here. We've heard many voices telling us how important it is to reach the next generation, which helped shape our 1,000 school goal so your opinion really does matter!


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Filmmakers Behind "The Corporation" Launch Campaign to Donate Film to 1,000 Schools