Resonant Metal Alloys for Gravity Control
Resonant Metal Alloys for Gravity Control
By Alex Putney for /
Apr 28, 2014

August 27, 2013

The control system of the industrialist bankers relied upon placing young agents close to Tesla that would offer every kind of support for the inventor, as the Scherfs had done in prior years of espionage activity. Thomas Townsend Brown was selected as a young Naval Intelligence Officer with technical training in electrical and mechanical engineering, photographed at 16-years-old aboard the USS Viking in 1921 (below). According to the Navy, the Viking was named the USS Flamingo from 1918-22, yet clear photographic evidence shows Thomas Townsend Brown training onboard the USS Viking, as plainly visible on the ship's life preservers. Retroactive renaming of this vessel by the ONI appears to have been done as part of larger cover-up efforts that 'cleansed' information traces linking T. Townsend Brown with Nikola Tesla altogether.

The same is true regarding an extensive series of highly significant psychic readings given for Thomas Brown by Edgar Cayce over a period of two decades, which have not been previously recognized. After Cayce's death in 1945, Thomas Townsend Brown ceased his successful corporate espionage activities to commence full-time work for the Naval Research Laboratories involving the concerted cover-up of the Tesla Gravity Motor and the secret completion of its design and application to antigravitic propulsion and HHO plasma-cloaking systems for stealth discs, bombers, fighters and surveillance drones.

As a crucial aspect of the Nazi/CIA cover-up of the Tesla Gravity Motor, Cayce's records were falsified many decades ago with names, ages and locations having been altered— to contain the information despite the groundswell of public interest in the Edgar Cayce material concerning the 'New Age'. These efforts have expanded in the online muckraking systems of net radio talkshows and blogs that aim to confuse the general public while continuing their endangerment using outdated jet/rocket technologies.

Government disinformation author Sidney Kirkpatrick just recently published a reinforcing cover story that absurdly claims that Cayce's Gravity Motor readings were conducted for a neuropathic doctor named Marion Stansell of Birmingham, Alabama (Reading 1940-1), who allegedly never got the motor to work! The entire premise of such silly cover stories begs the obvious question: Why should erroneous psychic readings concerning a dud tank motor design for a failure of an inventor from over 80 years ago be worthy of multiple book titles and hours of widely promoted net radio interviews and discussions today?

Dr. Stansell was apparently selected for substitution by CIA authors to hide Tesla's psychic readings because the Gravity Motor functions effectively and constitutes the greatest invention of modern human ingenuity. The thin veil of false history obscuring the light of truth has fallen in the present Information Age.

Another fact that remains completely unknown to the public that explains such strange mass media behavior around the subject of the Gravity Motor involves highly sensitive connections with secret transdimensional experiments conducted by the US Navy in 1941 under the direction of Nikola Tesla. Called 'Operation Rainbow Project' in reference to the multi-color emission of the HHO plasma 'invisibility cloak', these experiments involved the application of three of Tesla's Gravity Motors in series at the Philadelphia Naval Yard in an attempt to cloak the entire USS Eldridge.

Tesla was horrified to witness his equipment being misused to cause the torturous death of many of the crewmembers onboard the Eldridge, and refused to cooperate with the Navy after several further requests to replicate the first experiment. In fact, Tesla willfully terminated the second Eldridge experiment after refusing to participate and still seeking to recover his motors before they could be used to take more innocent lives. The US Navy have since been closely involved in the cover-up activities surrounding the Cayce Gravity Motor readings due to their direct connection with what is cryptically called 'The Philadelphia Experiment'.

Many newly published novels and highly publicized television and radio appearances by a wide variety of disinformation authors have been employed to buoy the rising interest in the real life of Nikola Tesla and his central involvement in the secret development of transdimensional HHO plasma technologies. The lame cover story told by Kirkpatrick was given special coverage on (former Navy Lieutenant, currently a counterintelligence officer) George Noory's Coast2Coast radio program to reinforce the leaky cover-up efforts concerning Tesla's later work and the US Navy theft of Tesla's invisibility-cloaking technology.

The 'top secret' history of what became of the Tesla Gravity Motor has been wholly kept from the public until this writing, yet remains the most important technological breakthrough of Earthly humanity and the birth of a new civilization on this planet. In retrospect, it is becoming evident that the escalating tragedies of the twentieth century, especially the stock market crash that directly followed the invention of the Gravity Motor, were purposefully orchestrated in a covert war against all of humanity, to desperately prevent the advancement of technological capabilities embodied by the resonant HHO plasma motor.

Strategic Nazi planning of World War II in the US and Germany required a decade of secret engineering of technologies stolen from Nikola Tesla by agent Thomas Townsend Brown, in concert with a broad disinformation campaign against the elderly inventor using every media outlet. Nazi scientists successfully replicated the resonant motor by trial and error, as had T.T. Brown under the trance recommendations of Cayce, without full knowledge of the dimensional relationships required for resonant operation. Only Tesla possessed this advanced 'knowledge of conditions' that Cayce subtly referred to in several readings.

Edgar Cayce described the Gravity Motor's resonant operation as the action of 'varied elements that are as octaves of music' —forming a multi-frequency resonance. The mention of 'varied elements' describes not only the motor's drum elements, but also the atomic elements comprising the resonator itself. While the first prototypes of the Gravity Motor were fabricated using commercially available steel parts, Cayce gave information on superalloys for acoustic levitation that were developed by Atlantean scientists over 12,000 years ago that formed a large part of the technological experiences of previous lifetimes. Details were given during a Life Reading for Thomas Townsend Brown on July 5, 1938 (Reading 470-22):

Yes, we have the records of that entity called Thomas Townsend Brown, and that which has been given through these channels respecting the activities of the entity; especially in relationship to the influences or the use of the forces of electricity as called. In giving that from the records as we find here, there were two yea, three experiences of the entity in which these forces or influences were used by the entity in ways that made for a great contribution to the affairs of individuals or humanity in those experiences.

Something then of the background of these is necessary to be reviewed, if there is to be made or used by the entity in the present a practical application of these urges that are latent and may be manifested in the experience. When in the Atlantean land, there were those making for that change that was for the preservation of the peoples; and the entity with others migrated to what is known as the Peruvian, or later known as the Incal land.

There we find the application of the electrical forces and influences was especially in the association and the activities of same upon metals; not only as to their location but as to the manner of the activity of same as related to the refining of some, and the discovery of others, and the use of the various forms or transportation of same or transformation of same to and through those influences in the experience.

We find the entity there made use of the metal known as iron, or the combinations of iron and copper which have long since been removed from use in the present; or copper so tempered by the use of same with a little of the iron, or in its formation in such a way and manner as to be hardened to the abilities for same to be used much in the way that many of those combinations have been found in the Egyptian, the Peruvian and portions of the Chaldean lands and more will be found in the Indo-China city yet to be uncovered.

All of these arose from the applications of same that were a part of the activity of the entity then, now called Thomas Townsend Brown. In the activities the application of these was in a little different order, of course, from that in the present. For the characters of the dynamo or the generators for same were used in a way and manner in which there was the transformation of the direct to the activities for using same much in the same manner (the entity will understand, in the study of same) in which gases are now used as a means for propelling force or influence to act as a pump for the transformation of casing-head gas to gasoline, and the refuse used to produce or make the power for the machine producing same.

That is, from the direct current passing through the activity of the fusing of metals and the transmutation that forms from same, and the active forces as turned into that in which it makes for the clearing of the refuse forces of the ore in such a manner that the very fuse itself becomes the source of an alternating current to which there is added then a stepped-up activity in which the direct current then becomes the source of the energy to produce this fusing of the metals or ores.

Again we find in the activities of same the entity made a return to the Egyptian land, when the entity made preparations for a part of the... defense; as the armorbearer or the protector for the activities of the king. All of these activities then became a part of the use of electrical forces for metals and their activity upon same to be used as carbonizing them, or directing them in manners in which they became as magnetic forces for the application to portions of the body for transmuting or changing the effect of activities upon the physical energies and forces of the body; able to use same as re-ionizing or regenerating the bodily forces themselves.

For as the very forces of the bodily functionings are electrical in their activity, the very action of assimilation and distribution of assimilated forces is in the physical body an active force of the very low [frequency] yet very high [energy] vibratory forces themselves. Hence there the entity made applications in those directions; and these act upon the influences or forces or metals, or active principles within the human forces themselves.

For within the human body living, not dead living human forces, we find every element, every gas, every mineral, every influence that is outside of the organism itself. For indeed it is one with the whole. For it is not only a portion of, and equal to, and able to overcome or meet every influence within, but there is not the ability in the third dimensional force or influence to even imagine anything that isn't a part of the activity of a physical living organism!

Hence the use of these was a portion of the entity's experience, when there was the preparation for the cleansing and the transmuting of the bodies in the preparations for the new race. Just so the entity in itself, in study, in listening to the influences within, conceives of and sees these changes that are possible. Why not? He helped to make them in those experiences, through those activities! Ready for questions.

Q: Please give the name of a book or books which will explain the ionic theory.

A: As just indicated, those from which there may be gained another concept of gas and its activity [when ionized as plasma (below)]. Through those same channels or sources may we find the greater theories, and the active forces, of electronics upon metals, or the ionics, or the activities of iron with the influences or forces themselves... But the real findings may come within, see? within self!

Q: Where should I seek information on electrical currents, direct and alternating?

A: As we find, any of those who have studied with or in the General Electric, or those who have studied the combinations of same with or through the same channels as indicated - about the activities of same upon iron.

Of course, the partner with the entity who is now called [Henry] Ford will be the one through whom and to whom these will become the most interesting, and where there may be channels through which much may come; as in the mines in portions of Kentucky where there is the coal activity and portions of iron and manganese which is a portion, or the fusion of same in the use of these all become a part of the activity. These will be the channels and the sources and the places through which much of this will eventually come, if the entity is active in making a further study of these and the application to the use of metals and irons especially.

Q: With reference to information given through this channel in previous reading on smelting of ores, will it be possible to use a low voltage direct current with a high potential without changing it to an alternating current?

A: It will be found that it is possible, plausible and will work through this current passing, as there is begun the smelting or the changing of the ore itself by its combination with the heats and other elements that become a part of its transmutation from ore and its drosses to a metal with the ability for its working as iron and copper, and especially those two together. These we see form and make for the ability for activity. While there are two different principles in their combinations and use with the electrical forces, we will find these will come back together...

Q: [What was my previous association] with Nikola Tesla [during his Atlantean incarnation as] Ajax (Ax-Tell)?

A: Closely associated in those periods when the entity, Ajax, came into the Egyptian land. Those activities made for closer associations, for then Ajax or Tesla and the entity now called Thomas Townsend Brown made the application or use of the abilities in engineering, and the building of machines for the application of these to the bodies of individuals where there were appurtenances to be left off, where there was blood to be changed, or where the vibratory forces were to be set so as to remove those influences of possessions; and where there were those activities in which with the combinations of sodas the bodily forces were enabled to reproduce in a manner as cross to that to which it had been set in its natural forces...

While Brown was unable to grasp the channel's explanation, Atlantean knowledge of atomic reactions involving blood metals and gases facilitated qi healing processes which re-ionize the body's qi meridians. Explicit instructions for experimental procedures relating to advanced Atlantean electro-surgical and electro-smelting technologies were provided by Cayce in a subsequent reading for Thomas T. Brown, given on June 24, 1941, remote viewing a previous life as Asphar, working in Egypt (Reading 470-33):

During that era when the second or young king was put in authority... the entity then was among those who had come from the Persian or Caucasian land, being an armorbearer or a personal bodyguard to the king... During the period of the priest's exile, there came into Egypt those of the Atlantean land among them Ax-Tell who became close to the entity then the entity being in the name Asphar.

Being interested in every form of activity that might bring better conditions for individuals or groups, the entity was interested in those tales or experiences told by Ax-Tell; and sought demonstrations and experimentations with those influences which had been a part of the experiences of the Atlanteans that brought about destructive influences...

But during that period a great deal of the time of Asphar and Ajax-ol was devoted to the use of the electrical forces maintained from the use of static forces, as called today. And in their attempts to demonstrate or use these influences for a helpfulness rather than as they had been used on nature or individuals, or those activities of a destructive nature, these were turned to minerals. Thus the conditions in which there were the abilities for the fusion of copper and brass with the alloy that comes from gold impregnated with arsenic, with the casting of electrical forces through same. This brought those abilities of sharpening or using such metals as these for cutting instruments.

Also there were those activities and abilities of the entity to use the electrical devices as prepared through those periods of their investigation, for operative measures; wherein the electrical knife was in such a shape with the use of the metals, as to be used as the means for bloodless surgery, as would be termed today by the very staying forces used which formed coagulating forces in bodies where larger arteries or veins were being entered or cut...

In making practical applications of those forces in the present, then it will necessarily be through experimentation, of passing the powerful currents of electrical forces through the ores, the metals and those combinations of same in which there may be seen the uses of metals in forms as indicated that were only used through the experience and the experimentation of the entity as helpful forces during the reconstruction period in Egypt.

The entity then grew to become one who prompted the great development along those lines, yet sought in a manner to preserve to self the purely technical manner in which those operations were cast. Thus much of that ability was lost after that period, and after the passing of those who labored and worked with the entity...

Q: Concerning the work in Egypt with electrical forces, explain just how I should apply those talents now.

A: As indicated. In conducting experimentations, by passing a great current through certain compounds or mixtures of metals, that would produce in smelting a different metal. The combinations of iron, copper, and of course impregnated with the various forms, which heretofore and in the present have been unable to be used in the forms of smelting that are the experience of man today.

Q: Describe in detail the construction or purpose of the more important machines used by me then.

A: As indicated, the machine in which there was the combining of metals in those periods of fusing or smelting that combined them in such ways that they might be used in forms not used today. Especially the use of electrical forces with the character of instruments in operations, as well as the fusion of such metals indicated.

Q: What specific experimental work should be done now that would lead to an awakening of that ability manifested in the Egyptian period?

A: The combining of the metals in their crude state by the passing of [electrical] current in the various forms through same, during the period of smelting same, see?

Q: Was Ajax, with whom I was closely associated in engineering, the same as Ax-Tell? Please explain the reference to him as Ajax in my reading, and as Ax-Tell in other readings. [GD's note: Now Mr. Tesla.]

A: Called Ajax in the Atlantean land, being of the Atlanteans, and Ax-Tell in the Egyptian activity. One and the same. Ajax-ol was a different individual, see? [GD's note: Now incarnated as Mr. Henry Ford.]

Q: How may we work together now to accomplish much that we did in Egypt?

A: In interesting those who use or require great quantities of iron, or the varied metals, to experiment in making lighter and yet strengthening the usages of such metals. Copper and brass, gold and iron through the combinations in their crude state may be made to be much stronger in usage, lighter in the needs for present developments, and not as expensive in the combinations.

Q: Will Henry Ford [the present incarnation of Ajax-ol] be greatly interested?

A: This, to be sure, depends upon the manner in which the interests of this entity are presented to that body. But Henry Ford was one who first interested this entity in these activities, see?

Q: In just what manner should he be approached now?

A: Through the regular channels. Do not attempt to force the issue.

Speaking through Cayce in trance, the Source provided specific references to several fusion reactions used in Atlantean metallurgy for the production of superhard metal alloys that were applied in the complex multi-stage fabrication of supersharp swords and electro-surgical scalpels, as well as in the construction of aerial vehicles that were thinner, lighter and stronger than those commonly used in industry today.

In the first Life Reading for Nikola Tesla (487-4), the Sleeping Prophet had emphasized the importance of "mathematical precision in each element" on the periodic table that Atlantean foundry technicians had applied. Such precise and enigmatic information on the atomic fusion of metals given in such simple terms and yet clearly misunderstood so many decades ago only now reveals itself in the greater quantitative context encompassed by the emergent atomic physics principles of phonon resonance:

Dimensional phonon resonance occurs when the space occupied by one isotope is exactly the same as that of another isotope in its rest state [i.e. 20°C]. This event can only occur under the following two conditions: the ex-pansion of an isotope by heating, or the contraction of an isotope by cooling. Due to the natural characteristics of elemental properties, this event is extremely rare and one can only force the event under select conditions. To determine the phonon resonance of an isotope, it is necessary to apply the following formula:

Mathematical precision in the calculation of phonon resonance dynamics underpinning the perpetual recombination of atomic masses observed throughout nature is only now becoming available to physicists. The identification of resonance patterns within the phonon architecture of the mosaic of material elements enables the decontamination of radioactive isotopes from our skies and our oceans, and the development of resonant alloys for gravity control applications. Atomic blending of copper and iron is effectively achieved through transmutation processes involving the resonant nuclear fission of copper atoms to form stable iron atoms, releasing helium and hydrogen atoms as reaction biproducts:

The efficiency of this fission reaction is limited by the availability of interstitial spaces within the copper atomic lattice, thus allowing increased conversion rates when drawing a vacuum in the reactor during operation. Copper isotope Cu63achieves dimensional phonon resonance with iron isotope Fe56 at rest (20°C) when heated to 262.0°C, where frequency matching occurs at precisely 43,902,601 Hz:


The architecture of dimensional resonance relationships presented by the stable isotopes of copper and iron allow several other frequency matching possibilities. The heavier stable copper isotope matches the atomic diameter of the heaviest stable iron isotope at another temperature threshold that is relatively low for furnace processes. Copper isotope Cu65achieves phonon resonance with iron isotope Fe58 at rest (20°C) when heated to 339.5°C, where frequency matching occurs at precisely 43,391,894 Hz:


Copper may be reprocessed multiple times through the same phonon reactor to increase the content of iron atoms within the copper lattice by resonant conversion, until the metals are atomically co-mingled (or 'nano-mixed') in roughly equal parts. The result is a resonant metal alloy that displays the unusual combination of physical properties that characterize superalloys, as the electrical properties of copper are equally combined with the magnetic properties of iron throughout the composite metal alloy (above).

This simple resonant atomic recombination process allows rapid production of Cu-Fe superalloys that have only been accomplished previously through expensive and time-consuming mechanical alloying processes (Suryanarayana, 2001), where milling, nanomixing, compressing and sintering of several powdered metals is now used to produce high-heat turbine blades and aerospace components. The advanced developments of phonon resonance transmutation now enable much simpler production techniques for achieving a new class of superalloy containing traces of every metallic element.

Superalloys of this finest class exhibit superhardness, supermagnetism and superconductivity properties specifically required for antigravitic propulsion systems and interstellar spacetravel. The recent history of the reintroduction of these advanced phonon resonance concepts in modern times can be traced back to the secret work of Nikola Tesla and Edgar Cayce, in the years intervening the World Wars (1918-1939).

Tesla's discovery of the rotating magnetic field in 1882 and his subsequent invention of the electro-magnetic induction motor in 1888 were superceded by the advanced transdimensional work of Tesla's later years. Tesla's finest achievements were made during secret experimental work with HHO plasma and free energy or 'resonant field motors' for automobiles, aircraft and spacecraft. Having been hidden from the world by concerted Nazi/CIA cover-up, Tesla's invention of the 'gasless gravity motor', which he subsequently named the Rotating Field Amplifier (or RFA), is revealed here in complete detail.

Nikola Tesla's greatest yet completely unacknowledged discoveries were directly assisted by psychic information obtained from the 'Sleeping Prophet' Edgar Cayce information that was made public among over 14,000 complete readings given during his life. The plethora of highly advanced spiritual, historical and scientific information provided by Cayce details the past life occupations of individuals, the political relations of various ancient civilizations and the antigravitic propulsion systems of vimana spacecraft.


From the forthcoming book Infraworld

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Resonant Metal Alloys for Gravity Control