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By David Amsterdam /
Dec 9, 2013


FOR IMAGINARY SOLUTIONS! -David Nefesh 24th March'13
 I saw another Graffiti on the wall. This time nearby my home, on the road I always bike on my away to-and-from the center of Amsterdam! Just because of the coincidence of being two days earlier writing about another Graffiti on the Wall!
 I had taken the picture with my no-working iPhone. I am here on my bed, lying on my belly! I am required to review the picture I took earlier on my way home.
Now that I read it attentively, I have noticed that something in this text is intriguing me!
Economic Crisis made a lot of victims. I do know some victims, including myself. Or you or other persons of your social network, without seeing the LIGHT at the end of THE Tunnel.
By hearing an artist, my ex, I do know the impact and fights the strong ART SECTOR had suffered for the last two or three years! Under the camouflaged reason of Economic CUT SAVINGS for the sake of all of us. As well as from the media since the last two years.
 NO OTHER sector suffered more impact and ATTACK than THE ART SECTOR. Myself, on my thirst for a more elaborated and honest information than the DISHONEST- manipulative-and -depressive information source- MAIN STREAM MEDIA, saw suggested on the WORLD WIDE WEB the reasons why the Art Sector was being killed. 


  •  In  a Country where persons can't protest without being taken by the police, with the accusation of Disturbing the Public Order. 
  • Wherein The politicians are now rather bound to Economical lobbies, and not to Public interests. Strangling all of us, bit-by-bit, with laws that only benefit themselves and international economical Cooperations. And any law that is passed on the individual citizen are more taxes to be payed, and less support from the state. Killing with it the middle-classe, and Enlarging the difference between the richer class and the lower-classe. With a big area in between being turned into a Dramatic Endless Desert, etc...
  •  Basically, when no one has now-a-days the right to say, ENOUGH! Or of Being heard! Or to Interfere with politician decisions! 
  • Or Has the Power to Punish the real and well-known perpetrators of this MESS that started to be named CREDIT CRISIS, now called ECONOMIC CRISIS! 
How can the Art Sector be allowed to Survive, in order to RING THE BELL once AGAIN?!?
IF Things get worst... And NO warning Signs functioning,


So far the working class isn't paying that much attention to the lower or jobless class! Which is being despised by everyone in the name of the false ideals of the Politician class' Mafia. And being hated by every one. 
But if you opened your eyes, you wouldn't feel that negative and cold about the no-working class! 
- You would see families sending their kids to school with nothing on their stomachs. 
- You would hear children at school humiliating others, because their families have not enough money to buy better clothes of the known Fashion industry. Which is made from slave work, stamped in gigantic formats. 
- Or kids being joked because they hadn't bought the school trip abroad, that everybody is talking about. 
- Also You would see, many other persons not being allowed to stay with their heads above the water. Loosing their houses and possessions. Or Being strangled in that machine called Debt CORRECTIONAL SYSTEM. 
- Not receiving enough to cover their bills. Receiving less than the National minimum Salary and still being forced to work salary-free, and being trapped between the survival of their children and the enslaving SOCIAL SECURITY, under the rule of COOPERATIVISM of POLITICIANS, Bankers AND COMMERCIAL INTERESTS. 
- Wherein the persons of the LOWER CLASS, get trapped and still after two years are being played between this commercial company to that other, receiving still less than the national wage! For gainings and commissions that escape their hands, and therefore without any option of improving their current situation! Forced and with false hopes of being contracted! And still working for the income that is nothing more, and nothing less THAN the amount they got before. LESS THAN THE ALLOWED SALARY! TAKE IT OR LEAVE! 
And still misinformed and mistreated and disrespected from any corners with such ARROGANCE and DESPISE!
No one seems to observe or to care for the other in need! 
There will be no other place in the world, where the impact will be the biggest, than in a society programmed, on a individual level, to watch only to his/her own belly. ME MYSELF & I, on a Individualistic Society.
I am curious to see what will become of all of this, after all the dust sets in. REALLY CURIOUS! 
So if the Media is manipulating or obstructing the course of information. The Whistler Blowers of the truth are being in-jailed and buried without connection to us. And the ART WORLD is being turned once again a HOBBY only to the ELITE. If the politicians had invented IMAGINARY SOLUTIONS for the self-profit for the COOPERATIVE MACHINE in this ERA OF CRISIS AND DECEIT,

       CREATING NEW PROBLEMS TO  the new Forms of Slavery!!!

 OF Which, Art is obliged to GIVE  A MEAN.
-OH MARKETING LOWER LAND, When your Cleanest Vow gets Dirty, I certainly will want to see if, your LIE will be still seen as the truth!
The knot is being tide up around all of us! 
VPRO (dutch media company) comes on the television asking a new form of self-substinence. Asking people sat at home to become new members. When the public is trying to distract them own selves from the worries that haunt them. NOT knowing how to pay their own bills, or debts!
If I won't be taken in account... If I won't have any power of decision on which subjects VPRO will cover, I do not want to become a VPRO member! 
And, IF SO FAR I'm not considered on the new created laws. 
Or if, I don't benefit righteously from it; THEN, I DO WANT TO BE MORE PRO-ACTIVE on DECIDING: WHAT TO DO WITH MY OWN LIFE! 
Shall I start a New Organization too?!? I might survive in that way, my own enslavement!
And have you noticed lately, how distant I became from the World OF ART and, to have returned, Finally, under a new form?!?
Please let us all 
Love & do ART

Love, Respect & Recognition!


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