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DAPL Opponents Vow to 'Rise' From Ashes of Oceti Sakowin and Keep Fighting
'They cannot extinguish the fire that Standing Rock started,' Dallas Goldtooth declared
Those That Did Not Seek Revenge
Dr. Ann Russo on violence, healing, and transforming justice.
Michael Moore Wants to Help You Find Your Next Anti-Trump Protest
The Resistance Calendar lists upcoming rallies across the country.
From Sanctuary City to Liberated City
In just one week, with several strokes of a pen, Trump unleashed upon the working class in the U.S. an attack not seen in decades. From his attack on the flawed Affordable Care...
How Norway Avoided Becoming a Fascist State
Instead of falling to the Nazi party, Norway broke through to a social democracy. Their history shows us polarization is nothing to despair over.
What Happens When You Rebel Against the Herd
Are You Truly Living Your Life? You live, but are you living the way you want to live, or the way others want you to live? You choose, but are your choices based on...
Fighting Racism and the Limits of "Ally-Ship"
Khury Petersen-Smith and Brian Bean comment on a discussion in the Black Lives Matter movement about the role of white activists in the antiracist struggle.
Surviving Capitalist Depression
We live in a toxic society filled with toxic people. Even the ones with the best hearts- including ourselves- have been raised in ignorance, with disinformation. Our examples...
Why Black Bloc Tactics Won't Build a Successful Movement
I admit, I laughed a little too. When I first saw videos of white nationalist Richard Spencer getting punched by a protester, I thought it was funny. And even now, I’m not...
Redneck Revolt on the Problems With White Ally Politics
A discussion about the politics of SURJ
Why Are My Highly Educated Friends So Ignorant About Trade?
Trump is a disaster, but so was the TPP
Charles Eisenstein on The Challenge of Communicating Beyond the Boundaries of Consensus Reality
Last week I had two brushes with the mainstream of American culture and politics. The first was an appearance on a PBS television show, the Tavis Smiley show. As far as I can...
Make America Ungovernable
Donald Trump’s regime is rapidly reconfiguring the United States into an authoritarian state. All forms of dissent will soon be criminalized. Civil liberties will no longer...
You’re Not In a Dialogue —You’re In a Power Struggle
How the rhetoric of free speech is leveraged to create space for the far right to organize violent actions, and how else to understand freedom.
It's Not Your Speech, Milo
Understanding the UC Berkeley Protests
All Change or No Change?
This is a story of power, but perhaps not the traditional kind. The kinds of power we are interested in are the deep currents.... the cultural forces that shape all of our...
Why Punching Nazis in the Face Is a Bad Idea
I see all sorts of well-meaning and otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people applauding neo-Nazi Richard Spencer being punched in the face. Here’s why this is not something...
The Urgency of Slowing Down
On April 4, 1967, exactly one year before his assassination, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “Beyond Vietnam” speech in Harlem’s Riverside Church. In it, he spoke of...
Keep Your Spirits Up: You Can't Help the World When You're Tired and Sad
We must take care of ourselves in a way that ensures our compassion is not drained away.
Trump's Actions Warrant a General National Strike
Political movements rarely succeed without causing discomfort and inconvenience
How a Young Woman Used Empathy to Disarm an Attacker With a Knife
Many a man would rather you heard his story than granted his request. ~ Phillip Stanhope I’d like to illustrate how a young woman used empathy to bypass violence during her...
Where We Go From Here: 5 Key Ways to Build a Movement
From "You Are on Your Own" to "We Are All in This Together." What this moment demands is a coherent strategy and egalitarian vision that can harness the energy and outrage...
Six Principles for Resisting the Presidency of Donald Trump
Drawing from the Beautiful Trouble and Beautiful Rising toolboxes, here are six key concepts that may prove useful to movements preparing to resist Donald Trump’s...
How Do I Know Good Can Overcome Ignorance, Spite and Hate? Because I've Seen It.
A tweet moves Rob Hopkins to share a personal experience from his family’s life.
The Privilege of Not Caring Cannot Exist When True Love Is There
The notion of privilege exists because most people do not live in the spiritual dimension of life. We live in a culture that is based on a matrix of separation. I am me. You...
The Safety Pin and the Swastika
The frameworks of liberal identity politics and “alt-right” white nationalism are proving curiously compatible.
One "Piece of the Oppressor" That I Have Discovered Within Myself
One "piece of the oppressor" that I have found in myself during my inner activist journeys is my use of shame as a method of engaging with the world's problems. Having learned...
The (R)Evolution is Unity: Reflections on the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa
Habari Gani! (What's the News in Swahili, the greeting during Kwanzaa) Christmas Day in Willingboro, South Jersey - right outside of Philadelphia - was spent recovering from...
The Limits of Anti-Racism
Antiracism is a favorite concept on the American left these days. Of course, all good sorts want to be against racism, but what does the word mean exactly? The contemporary...
Nonviolent Lives: Stories for Teaching Nonviolence
It’s time to teach nonviolence. It is time to flood the curricula of our schools with subjects that can improve human relations such as Nonviolent Communication, Nonviolent...
The Problem with Hating Our Enemies
He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself; and if thou gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into thee. —Nietzsche
Van Jones: Only a 'Love Army' Will Conquer Trump
Though it's important to fight Trump's policies, "it's at the values level that we need to do a reset," says Jones
Activism = Appetite for Destruction
“The hands that build can also pull down…” (Jeremiah 1:10) Way too many people imply that unless a critic expounds a specific strategy for implementing a new paradigm, their...
A Library About Love-Based Activism
Love-based Activism is the short-hand we've started to use to refer to activism that is rooted in an underlying compassion for all beings. It is an activism that resists the...
Standing Rock Wisdom: How Sacred, Nonviolent Activism Has the Power to Succeed
I am told by Native American friends active at Standing Rock that the elders are counseling the Water Protectors to undertake each action prayerfully and to stay off the...
Dakota Access Pipeline Permit Denied
'For the first time in Native American history, they heard our voices.'
The Many Ways to Help Standing Rock
Even if you can’t show up at the wintry encampments, you can join water protectors in other ways: from calling the North Dakota governor to breaking up with your bank.
Building Democratic Power at the Local Level - A Strategy for Long-Term Liberation
In the era of Trump, we will need to consolidate counter-power via participatory democracy and economic self-management at the local level.
Twelve Things To Remember After The US Election, From Front Line Organizers
When you find yourself in a suddenly darkened room, what do you do?   Some rush blindly to where they think the door might be.  Others stand still, let their eyes get...
How Not to Protest Trump
Donald Trump’s many evils are manifest and obvious. But let’s stop pretending that some historical line has been crossed in U.S. political and social relations. There are many...
Tyranny at Standing Rock
“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” — Benjamin Franklin, as quoted in The Works of Benjamin Franklin Divide and conquer. It’s...
The Hopeful Thing About Our Ugly, Painful Polarization
Look to Norway and Sweden, where cooperative, socially democratic countries emerged after a frightening period of extreme polarization and social fracturing.
Welcome to the Real News: Truth Is Essential, but Not Pretty
You may have heard that there is talk of a crackdown on "fake" news. Before a bankrolled bureaucrat starts filtering the media according to what they find personally...
The Four Reasons to Support a New Media Revolution
As in most post-industrial societies, Britain’s media is in a radical state of flux. With the demise of the daily newspaper and news dissemination increasingly moving online...
We Are All Deplorables
We can't battle the bigotry stoked by Trump without a strategy to alleviate the economic misery behind it, writes Chris Hedges.
There Is No One Right Way to Be an Activist
There is no one right way to be an activist. There is no one right way to change the world. There is no one right philosophy of leftist politics. There is no one right reaction...
I'm Not Down With the Safety Pin Backlash
*Especially from a white dude who makes some good points but buries them in a whole lotta condescension and sarcasm. Image by 
10 Ways to Resist Right Wing Populism
Stop Analysing and Act!
Rising up to the Trump Moment: We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For
The Trump victory is devastating. Devastating for communities of color, immigrants, women, Muslims and queer communities. Devastating for us. Trump has given new voice to...
Deconstructing an Example of Establishment Media Reportage: the Boston Globe Publishes Not-So Subtle Hit Piece on Sanders and Warren
Couched in establishment lingo and perspective, relying upon shallow but credible-seeming misinformation, the Boston Globe reveals itself to be no ally of the people or the...