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The last chapter (of the civil war) with photojournalist George Azar _ Lebanese Revolution day 31

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Special thanks to George Azar, without whom most of our trip and learning would not have been possible. a few words from Nicole Feied: we flew into Beirut with only carry-on missing a few crucial pieces of equipment experiencing technical issues (mercury retrograde) and rundown health what I love about this footage and editing of Georgie’s is how her fluid impressionistic and philosophic approach captures how it felt for me experiencing this one corner of Beirut with her my older daughter George Azar photojournalist in Residence at the American University of Beirut captured some beautiful points about what’s going on in Lebanon right now and the significance in the shift of mentality I know you’re not allowed to wax poetic about your own kids but then again hell yes you are in contrast to Georgie’s minimalist presentation watching it I was there again she really captured the feel of that small area where we spent a few days around the 30th day of the revolution in Lebanon George Azar has experienced the unfolding history of Lebanon and Palestine first hand since 1981, when he left UC Berkeley with his camera and became witness to the Lebanese Civil War and its afterrmath. You can watch his videos to get an amazing view into the bombing of Beirut, the massacre in Sabra and Shatila, George’s later return to seek out some of the war survivors he had photographed, and his experiences in the West Bank and Gaza. Now Photojournalist in Residence at the 150-year-old American University of Beirut, he briefly gives us some gems on the situation now in Lebanon. We are so grateful to him for this, and so much more, notably for that motorbike ride around Beirut… heartsoaring moments for me, weaving through traffic in a city where the one rule is “don’t hit anything.” The streets whizzing past, streets and buildings I’ve read and heard so much about all my life.. No footage, I needed to experience it all for myself and to be (in a tiny, chaos-theory kind of way), a part of the history of this love stained city. So thank you, George, for that too. #THAWRA #BEIRUT #LEBANON #REVOLUTION #LEBANONPROTESTS