"Harambe" (2023) (trailer)


Harambe’s death shattered the illusion of safety within the walls of captivity. After a toddler fell into his enclosure 7 years ago, through no fault of his own, Harambe was met with a single shot to his head. His violent death sparked a massive public outcry. As his story spread further and further across the internet, the injustice caught the attention of the world. Jeff McCurry’s image of Harambe was shared over 5.5 billion times, earning the title Meme of the Year in 2016 and still holds a special place on the internet. From filmmaker Erik E. Crown and Executive Producer Peter Egan, comes a thought-provoking documentary featuring unreleased footage of Harambe and exclusive interviews with Harambe’s photographer - Jeff McCurry, Gorilla Expert Ian Redmond, the man who named Harambe - Dan Van Coppenolle, Will Travers and Virginia McKenna of Born Free, and Entertainment Reporter Dax Holt. Learn the full story of Harambe’s life, death, and the vital role his brothers and sisters hold in within our Earth’s ecosystem.

@harambemovie is coming this Fall

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