Artist Buried Alive to Highlight Food Insecurity and Farmer Suicides in India


On the 6th December 2015, Artist Shweta Batthad buried herself alive outside the #COP21 climate talks in Paris to raise awareness of the 300,000 Indian farmers who have committed suicide since 1990 due to food insecurity. She remained underground for 3 hours, writing the word "faith" in a red notebook while meditating on the lives of India's farmers.

This book (pictured above, by Raj Goody) was featured at the Foreign Exchange event, held in central Paris the next day, while simultaneous screenings of the action were held in India as a means to close loops and connect global south issues to the worlds' COP stage.

The theme of death and the ritual of burial was especially relevant in Paris 2015. Amidst concerns over cultural insensitivity, legal considerations and the pervasive state of emergency in France, this Jonathan Remple produced video captures the journey of the coffin, the volunteers breaking winter Paris soil, the desperation of the burial and the darkening skies overhead.

To follow the story further, and find out about what happened to the coffin and the PeaceTree planted in the same garden as part of the ceremony, click here.
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