Documentary The 14th International Ceramic Symposium Exhibition (trailer)


Documentary "14 Ceramic Symposium" Description Documentary


14 Ceramic Symposium 2014 Dahab - Egypt

Subtitle : English

Video : HDV Audio : 192mp3


Dr. Haytham Abdelhafeez
General Manager of Fine Arts

Ossama Emam - Egypt ( Curator )


Hisham Abed - Egypt ( Associate Curator )
Mosbeh Kamel - Egypt ( Associate Curator )

Satoru Hashino - Japan
Raul Pereda - Spain
Haitham Hedayah - Egypt
Sofia Beca - Portugal
Lynda AbdelLatif - Tunisia
Silke Decker - Germany
Elina Titane - Latvia
Pilar Nadales - Spain
Veysel Ozel - Turkey
Rabab Wahba - Egypt
Bettina Ammann - Switzerland
Mohamed Farouk - Egypt
Anna Kristjana - Denmark
Mohamed Samir - Egypt
Gamal Ibrahim - Egypt

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