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Benjamin Gordon on Innovation in Transportation - Where will the Next Breakthrough Occur?

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Innovation in transportation has helped to shape our world in powerful ways. In 1869, Leland Stanford drove the Golden Spike into the ground in Utah, creating the first coast-to-coast railroad. In 1956, Malcom McLain refitted an oil tanker to carry 58 shipping containers from Newark to Houston. Both of these breakthroughs helped the US to build world-class infrastructure and lead the global economy. Today, we are in the early stages of a powerful technology disruption that will reshape our world in even more significant ways. How will drones shift freight patterns? Will self-driving trucks take over the roads? Can 3-D printers enable companies to compress their supply chains? Will “the Amazon effect” spark a new ecosystem in automation? Who will dominate the last mile? Join us to review some of the exciting new ideas driving change in our industry. 

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