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Hey there! If you stopped to read this, wow, you're awesome! And since you're that awesome, maybe you'd be willing to check out this super sweet, not-so-top-secret campaign to take Films For Action to the next level of awesome in our quest to change the world. All the details here. Cheers!
Esoterick Change Agents
Founded: 1992
Contact Name: Rick Simpson
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: +27729282724
Who We Are

We are a Voluntary Collective of Light Workers, Bringing, Facilitaing and Co-ordinating Positive, Virtuous Change within the World, to it's People and for our Environment - Where We Can.

What We Do

We Assist both Directly and Substantively in any way that we can, relying on our community members for support and action assistance, we facilitate implimenting help as & where it is sought within the needy communities who's sufferings have been brought to our attention and our Council Circle has ellected to help.

Get Involved

To join us in our Mission to STOP SUFFERING in the world please volunteer your Time, Resources & Assistance to our Projects, Organisations, Movements &/ Action Campaigns, or simply just purchase our 'Poverty Alleviation Products' from our Economic Refugee Centre on the Wildside of PE.

Skills & Resources
We require ANY Skills, Resources and Ides that Advance Humanity Positively within Family &/ Community Growth, and that can assist us to develop our own independent sustainably from/in our environment's 4 facets; Nature, Society, Economy & Psycho-Spiritual Philosophy (aka, Religion). We Would Like to evolve into other areas &/or communities, who also require help, doing so by applying our 'Models of Development' within these other communities, on a modular basis, each project evaluated on it's own merits.
Group Admin
Rick Simpson