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Lawrence Sustainability Network
Lawrence, KS
Founded: 2005
Contact Email:
Who We Are

Join us in learning and exploring the many facets of sustainable living. Some of us are just becoming interested and some of us have been committed to it for a long while. Wherever you are is a good place to start! Together, we inspire and encourage one another along the way.

Our Mission

The Lawrence Sustainability Network (LSN) promotes ecological sustainability, including local food production, resource conservation, and renewable energy. Our efforts towards sustainability encompass community self-reliance, localized economy, biological diversity, social justice, and grass-roots democracy. We invite the community to network as we learn and share ideas, knowledge, skills and resources. LSN aims to inspire respect and mindfulness of how our actions affect all species including people, today and into the future.


Our Vision

Ecological sustainability means living in a way that is mindful of consequences for the future. We envision a community built around livelihood strategies that protect the commons of clean air, soil and water; deliver efficient, affordable, clean and renewable energy; prioritize local food systems; and promote biological diversity so that future generations of people and other species can also satisfy their basic needs. In this community ‘development’ will mean improving the quality of life for all people in the Lawrence area, fostering social justice in the distribution of available resources and opportunities, and fortifying our local economy toward the goal of self-sufficiency. Social relationships are equally important to ecological sustainability; the social world we will advance will be built on mutual aid, trust, equity, and participatory democracy.


What We Do


Support for Local Urban Gardeners

Lawrence Sustainability Network


Eco-Parents Group

Lawrence Sustainability Network
Get Involved

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To join an interest group or get involved in other ways, contact us via or through one of the interest group links above.