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Lawrence Fruit Tree Project
Discover and renew earth’s abundance in your own community
Founded: 2009
Contact Email:
Who We Are

The Lawrence Fruit Tree Project provides a community-based solution to a critical and growing need for the direct access to healthy food. We work to educate, assist, and inspire the public to grow, steward, and utilize perennial food plants. Our aim is to build community, increase local food security, and create direct, lasting bonds between people and their urban environment.

What We Do

The Lawrence Fruit Tree Project offers resources to help establish and maintain specific community fruit tree projects.  Specific community projects goals include:

  • Working with individual public schools to establish and care for small educational orchards 
  • Providing technical knowledge to help community garden projects establish and maintain fruit orchards
  • Maintaining a database of fruiting trees on public and private land
  • Organizing harvesting parties to collect excess fruit for distribution to the community, food pantries, etc
  • Providing useful resources to local residents for planting and caring for fruit trees 
  • Developing a resource website 
  • Offering workshops & presentations (variety selection, site selection, grafting, harvesting, fruit storage, etc)  
  • Developing proposals to plant fruiting trees in appropriate places on public land 
  • Organizing volunteers to maintain specific projects


Current projects are as follows:

1. New York School- Establishing a small educational orchard. 

2. Faith Church of the Nazarene- Assisting their community orchard project.

3. Fruit harvesting- Picking ripe fruit and redistributing it to food pantries, etc.

4. Grafting Workshop

5. Group fruit tree ordering

Get Involved

Supporting local fruit tree endeavors can be very rewarding for you and your community

Fruiting trees not only provide a renewable and annual source of fresh fruit and nuts, they also protect our soil, provide shade, and are very attractive in the landscape.   Urban orchards produce a generous amount of delicious fruit.

Fruit trees provide interesting educational opportunities for everyone.  They reconnect us with nature and our agrarian roots. They also provide us with satisfying community activities that bring folks together.  Enjoying the fruits of our labor is something to look forward to every year!

Volunteer opportunities include planting events, tree care projects, harvesting parties, assisting with workshops and other tasks that will grow our organization.


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See the RESOURCES link page for a complete list of resources.

Group Admin
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