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Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice
If you want peace, work for justice.
Founded: 1976
Contact Email:
Who We Are

The Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice is dedicated to the propositions that violence begets more violence, that the forms of violence are social and economic as well as physical, and that the human spirit can reach its highest potential only in an atmosphere of peace, mutual respect, and generosity. A truly peaceful society must be a just society with equal rights, opportunity and fairness for all, and a commitment to the general well-being.

War is the antithesis of all these ideals and must be eradicated if the vision of a just and peaceful society is to become a reality.

The LCPJ has been working constantly for over a quarter of a century through its various educational and action programs to promote this vision.

What We Do

These are regular actions which we hold every year:

  • LCPJ publishes the Peace Monitor on a bimonthly basis
  • We distribute fliers during heavy shopping days each December urging people not to buy toys of violence and war as children's gifts.
  • Tax Day Protest (April 15)
  • Tom and Anne Moore Peace and Justice Award
  • Hiroshima/Nagasaki Vigil (August 6)
  • We regularly sponsor forums, workshops, and other event of current importance to the cause of peace and justice.
  • Vigils and marches for peace

See the Peace Calendar for other LCPJ activities, and the
History Page for samples of past actions.

We encourage you to write elected officials expressing your concerns for peace and justice.

Get Involved

The Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice encourages you to join our group and help promote Peace and Justice in the Lawrence community, and around the world. Joining the LCPJ is simple.

  • Get on our mailing lists by sending your name, address and email address to
  • Become a regular member and attend LCPJ meetings.
  • Contribute your financial support of the Peace Monitor and other LCPJ activities.
  • Group Admin
    Tim Hjersted