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Kansas Area Watershed (KAW) Council
Founded: 1982
Contact Name: Ken Lassman
Contact Email:
Who We Are

The Kansas Area Watershed Council is one of the oldest bioregional groups on the continent. Our vision is to explore and celebrate the prairie ecosystem, and make community with each other, the land and sky.

Many of us are active in continental bioregional organizing, local peace and justice work, ecofeminism, wetlands preservation, prairie restoration, holistic health and healing, consensus training, and many manner of enhancing and sustaining local culture.

What We Do

Over the years, Kaw Council has had many, many campouts around the Kansas Watershed, hosted events for a wide variety of speakers and been supportive of a wide variety of sustainable activities in the area. Currently we have a 'Walkabout, Talkabout' Sunday walking series where we will take hikes in the area, followed by sitting at local cafes/potlucks and discussing varieties of topics, formally and informally.

Our main priority is to help sustain and develop a local Sense of Place and discover what it means to live in this watershed, in this bioregion, on this planet. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and have hosted a wide variety of projects over the years, including continental bioregional congresses, Ken Lassman's Wild Douglas County book, the Kaw Valley Seeds Project, and many, many more things--see our History section of our website for more information (  

We have a tradition of having a Spring Event at Camp Hammond YMCA Camp between Lawrence and Topeka, although this has become intermittent in recent years.

Get Involved

Join our listserv at and visit our website to learn of upcoming activities--we look forward to meeting and doing things with you!