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Cosmic Beauty School
Learning & integrating permaculture, holistic health, and social justice at our intentional community & resource sharing center
Founded: 2009
Contact Email:
Who We Are

We are building and modeling a sustainable shared space in East Lawrence by creating an examined, loving, & cooperative home. We are converting an old mixed-use residential/ commercial building into a demonstration site for compassionate intimacy, appropriate technologies, radical methods of intensive food production, urban permaculture, sustainable personal relationships, pro-dignity & anti-oppression social justice organizing.

We currently have 4 bedrooms in our intentional community and are working on building more.  Nick and Shannon are the co-founders with a vision to have the space collectively owned by more committed individuals when a fit is found.  (There is a membership process for folks wanting to move beyond renting.)  Jillian is a long-term resident currently traveling abroad.  We have one opening for a new resident- check out the Live Here page!

What We Do


We are building an urban homestead, a learning laboratory, and community resource.

We strive to embody justice in our actions from personal to global.

We challenge systemic oppression and its vested interests.

We ground ourselves in developing our capacities for intimacy, cooperation, and growth.

We collaborate on projects to cultivate dignity in life and self-determined community.

We work within the limits and gifts of nature.

We celebrate.


Get Involved

Your dreams for permaculture, social justice, and holistic health are important!  Please share them with us and our community!

Email us at cosmicbeautyschool (at) to get more info or suggest an idea or event.  Or ask to be on our email list, where we announce potlucks and other events. One of the best ways we connect is through informal gatherings.  :)

At the Cosmic Beauty School... where we are practicing and integrating permaculture, social justice, & holistic health...


Skills & Resources
A holistic array of fundamental do-it-yourself skills such as building & mechanical skills, food production, to community organizing and self care (yoga, massage, meditation). The development of social cooperation proficiencies such as effective group process, communication and intimacy skills (workshops on group facilitation, transitions, and compassionate communication) help all of us manifest our vision for the world here within our home settings and shared neighborhood.
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