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Local News
Films For Action added local news on Jun 10, 2015
In a Case of New Economic Slavery, The State of Kansas Is Losing Its Soul
"This is not primarily a financial issue. We are dealing with the very soul of the society in which we live, and it is rapidly disintegrating."
Films For Action added local news on Jun 8, 2015
Where Films For Action Goes to Find Good Articles to Read
Here are some of the websites we like to visit to discover awesome articles to read.
Films For Action added local news on May 22, 2015
Kansas Has Found the Ultimate Way to Punish the Poor, Banning Cash Withdrawals Over $25 Per Day
A dollar bill is a special kind of thing. You can keep it as long as you like. You can pay for things with it. No one will ever charge you a fee. No one will ask any...
Films For Action added local news on Feb 12, 2015
Damn, Sam: Reaction of a Kansas Activist
Several years ago, I committed my life to trying to make certain that it was more possible for more LGBT youth in Kansas to see a light in the darkness. To know that they are...
Tim Hjersted added local news on Feb 6, 2015
The Problem Isn't the Color of the Oppressor's Skin - the Problem Is a Meme
Have a look at this 2 minute clip from the film Schooling the World: The White Man's Last Burden:
Tim Hjersted added local news on Jan 30, 2015
What Social Change Activists Can Too Easily Forget
I often think about this quote from Malcolm X. It's a point that really can't be made too often. Having become socially conscious to a certain degree, it can be easy to fall...
Tim Hjersted added local news on Jan 27, 2015
Humans Having a Human Experience: On Finding Meaning & Beauty from a Remix of Chardin's Famous Quote
There's a popular quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin that says, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human...
Films For Action added local news on Nov 30, 2014
KU Journalism Major Shreds "Case" Against Mike Brown
Shelby Lawson is a student at the University of Kansas, majoring in Journalism and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Lawson posted the following to her Facebook...
Tim Hjersted added local news on Oct 14, 2014
Delaware Tribe to Enter Interlocal Agreement for Indigenous Agriculture Use of Prime Farmland
Tim Hjersted added local news on Feb 13, 2014
Today I'm Embarrassed That I Live in Kansas - Here's Why.
We are next to Colorado, but worlds away. People know that Kansas is one of the most conservative states, I think—and you might have heard of Fred Phelps and the Westboro...
Films For Action added local news on Jan 28, 2014
US Freeway to Pave Over History of Native American Suffering
Soon, a four-lane freeway will slice across wetlands next to Haskell Indian Nations University in northeast Kansas. Over 100 years ago, this land sheltered Native children...
Films For Action added local news on Dec 8, 2013
Lawrence, KS Film Screening History
We hosted a lot of film screenings back in the day. Since we've been focusing on the growth of our international website over the last few years, our screenings have slowed...
Films For Action added local news on May 20, 2013
Films For Action presents a Film Screening of Occupy Love Monday June 10th
We've got our next event booked for Monday June 10th at 7pm at Liberty Hall. Watch the trailer:
Films For Action added local news on Apr 11, 2013
Kansas's Self-Destruct Button: A Bill to Outlaw Sustainability. Really.
Kansas, I love your sense of humor. It seems like every time the Sunflower State pops up in my news feed, it’s for something like this: House Bill No. 2366, a proposed law...
Films For Action added local news on Feb 21, 2013
Exxon Tries to Silence Free Speech & Fails + More of our Best Content This Week
"I cannot believe the fantastic selection and must sees of this week. What a fantastic thing to have available to us. Thank you - Mary   Here are our top 15 most popular...
Films For Action added local news on Jan 14, 2013
When Adding a Video, You Can Add Multiple Parts to Videos (Part 1)(Part 2) Etc
We've had a few video submissions lately where the member added 4 videos that are all separate parts of the same video. Video part 1 Video part 2 etc. I wanted to...
Ecology of Existence added local news on Jan 13, 2013
In Memory of Aaron Swartz
"In your standard dictatorship, activists are brought out back and shot. In the United States' crypto-dictatorship, activists are bullied by the state until they go...
Films For Action added local news on Jan 12, 2013
Films For Action v2.1: Lots of New Changes Going Live on the Website Today
Woo! If you've visited the site today you may have noticed a few changes. After about a month of working on new changes to the website behind the scenes we finally launched...
Films For Action added local news on Dec 5, 2012
Lawrence Vision: an Alternative News Network for Lawrence, KS
December 5 2012, a new independent media project was launched on Facebook. Lawrence Vision aims to provide a source for news, ideas, perspectives, events and discussion...
Films For Action added local news on Nov 13, 2012
To Kris Kobach and other Kansans
Tuesday night I watched the election from Oxford with people from all over the world.  One of the best parts of watching the election from here was having the opportunity to...
Films For Action added local news on Aug 23, 2012
Speed Levitch tackles Kansas & Missouri History in this Week's Episode of "Up to Speed"
Having met Speed Levitch at a party last year, it was awesome to see he is the star of a new show on Hulu where he takes on the history of a new locale each week commenting...
Films For Action added local news on Jul 31, 2012
Troy Karlin Interviews Tim Hjersted, co-founder of Films For Action, on KLWN
This summer Troy Karlin started a radio show on the local Lawrence, Kansas AM station KLWN 1320 called "On the Brighter Side." As Troy put it, "I turned off my television over...
Films For Action added local news on Jul 28, 2012
A referendum on Brownback
By Edward Flentje Reporters from Reuters, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal descended on Kansas in the last few weeks to cover a political contest they view to be...
Films For Action added local news on Jun 28, 2012
Films For Action presents the Midwest Premier of WITHIN REACH
That's right, Films For Action is lucky to be presenting the Midwest premier of the finished documentary film "Within Reach" here in our very own Lawrence, KS! We're also...

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Past Events
Wed, Dec 10, 2014 4pm Come die-in in conjunction with the #GlobalShutDown. The #Lawrencediein will happen in the courtyard and sidewalk of U.S Bank on Massachusetts Street. Be there at 4p. We will die-in for approximately 4 minutes (the time it t
Sat, Dec 6, 2014 2:30pm At 2:30pm we will meet at WEST South Park and at 3pm to begin a peaceful march of solidarity for justice of those who die and are abused at the hands of law enforcement. The march will start on the west side of M
Tue, Oct 28, 2014 7pm Sexuality Education Committee and Films for Actions present: Five Friends. This film explores what it means for men to be loving, transparent, vulnerable and even intimate with each other.
Local Groups
Lawrence Food Not Bombs
We are socially-conscious members of the Lawrence community with a passion for justice and direct action initiatives. Our backgrounds vary, but many of us...
A group of people interested in discussing, exploring, and practicing new ways of living, eating, working, playing, and relating with one another and our...
Films For Action
Films For Action uses the power of film to raise awareness of important social, environmental, and media-related issues not covered by the mainstream...
MadreLawrence believes in coming together to have a conversation about what we can do for our beloved city. Diversity is what we stand behind, because only...
Karlin Family Farms
This project is currently no longer active, but other projects are in the works. Purchased as a family homestead by Felix and Henrietta Karlin, for their...
Occupy Lawrence
Our mission is to stand in solidarity with the “Occupy” communities worldwide that originate from “Occupy Wall Street” and to promote awareness of social...
Social Service League
History:As the oldest service organization in Lawrence, the Social Service League has been providing cost-effective assistance to the financially challenged...
MO-KAN Bradley Manning Support Team
We are the local organizing group from Missouri and Kansas organizing support for PFC Bradley Manning while he is imprisoned at the Joint Regional...
Kansas Area Watershed (KAW) Council
The Kansas Area Watershed Council is one of the oldest bioregional groups on the continent. Our vision is to explore and celebrate the prairie ecosystem...
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Films For Action Tim Hjersted Indy Media Maryam Hjersted Matthew Toplikar Dave Yates Tom Pfeiler Hudson Luce Charlie Bryan William Stewart-Starks Kim Scherman Margaret Tran Kendra Kuhlman Emily Hampton Amanda Sprague-Brunk Dan Weingarten Brady Karlin Alima Brighid Cosmic Beauty School Parendi Birdie Shona Clarkson Lau Canelos Ken Lassman Kirsten Bosnak Margaret Tran Sean Weston Amber Lehrman Tricia Rock Sarah Madden Stephanie "Anya" Barrows
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