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Pence Signs New Abortion Restrictions Into Law With a Prayer
Gov. Mike Pence made Indiana the second state in the nation to ban abortions sought because the fetus has a disability, signing into law Thursday an expansion of the state's...
How Indy's Coal Ash Ponds Can Pollute Neighborhood Wells
Tucked away off of highway 37 lies the small neighborhood of sunshine gardens. Home to approximately 200 dwellings, the folks in this neighborhood seem to lead a fairly simple...
Even Some Abortion Foes Balking at Tough Indiana Bill
Lawmakers on Wednesday approved the measure banning such abortions over the objections of many female legislators, including Republicans who say the bill goes too far and...
Smith: Why, Again, Do We Need a Religious Freedom bill?
At 8:30 Monday morning, one woman held up a handmade, rainbow-colored sign that summed up what was about to happen at the Statehouse. "Haven't we already done this?"
Success! At Science, Sex & The Ladies Screening!
On Tuesday, March 10th Films For Action-Indianapolis hosted a special screening of Science Sex and the Ladies. Filmmaker Barnaby Aaron led us on a wonderful discussion of the...
The Real Reason behind Opposition to Same-sex marriage?
Why do you oppose same-sex marriage?
Indiana Senate Passes Religious Discrimination Bill
Tully: How a Gift of Time Changed 3 Lives forever
All this time later, Vince Wagner reflects on a decision he made more than three decades ago — a seemingly minor decision that ended up altering and in many ways defining his...
Ritz Supporters to Flood Statehouse with Rally against Authority loss
Pryor Says She Is "shocked and Delighted" at Denial of BlueIndy Rate increase
STATEHOUSE - State Rep. Cherrish Pryor
Tully: Mike Pence's Horrible idea
One can only imagine how the state-run, taxpayer-funded Mike Pence News Service would have covered some recent news stories. Take the gove
Bill Transfers Authority from Ritz to Governor's State Board of Education
Yesterday, the House Education Committee heard 
"Uncharted" Screening a Success, Raises Awareness
A packed house attended the January 13th screening of "Uncharted: The Truth Behind Homelessness" at the Indianapolis Worker Justice Center.  The film focuses on barriers to...
'Public Greens' Opens to Fight Hunger in Indianapolis
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 6, 2015)– There’s a new restaurant in Indianapolis that’s not keeping any profits.
Wheeler Opening New Shelter for men
Just in time for the deep freeze in Central Indiana, Wheeler Mission is opening a new shelter adjacent to its existing facility.
Bill Would Let Pence Run for Gov, White House in 2016
Indiana voters could find something unusual on the ballot in 2016 under a measure state lawmakers will consider next year. Gov. Mike Pence's name could appear twice, once for...
Tallian to Lead Fight for Minimum Wage Hike : Elections
INDIANAPOLIS | Despite overwhelming odds against success, state Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Ogden Dunes, will lead the fight to increase Indiana's minimum wage when the General Assem
Food Pantries Need Funds
In a December 23rd Letter-to-the-Editor, Don Striegel of the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry told the Southsider Voice what food pantries and food banks need most.   He...
Homeless Ordinance Could Tie Hands of police
Originally posted November 12, 2014. INDIANAPOLIS
Homeless legislation rejected
“Come you who are b
Resources for Homelessness and Hunger
Homelessness and hunger is as big of an issue in Indianapolis as any other major city. Around 21% of Marion County residents were living in poverty in 2014 and 4,800-8,000
Local Businessman, Police Officer Selling 'Breathe Easy' t-shirts
Mishawaka, Ind. "I Can't Breathe" is a phrase that continues to gain national attention and momentum. A Mishawaka police officer and busines owner has come up with his own...
New Group Will Push For Non-Partisan Redistricting
Indiana’s voter turnout in the last election was the lowest in its history and the worst in the country.  Common Cause Indiana’s Julia Vaughn says that’s in
Service Will Honor Homeless Neighbors Who Have died
This is the time of year when people reflect, share thoughts and deeds of gratitude. In the midst of our prosperity, we are reminded that in every hometown, people are facing...
Indianapolis Police Back down after Misusing Eric Garner's Last Words on Twitter
e Indianapolis Police Department walked back a Twitter post on Friday after being accused of making light of the death of Eric Garner, 
Mayors at Meth Summit Call for Prescription-only Cold medicines
TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - Some of Indiana's mayors and law enforcement officials are urging lawmakers to combat the state's methamphetamine scourge b
DJ Shiva, on equality
With a career stretching nearly two decades, techno producer DJ Shiva – legal: Lisa Smith – is a pillar of the Indianapolis EDM scene. On Saturday Shiva and the 317 Techno crew...
Gov. Pence's Wife Awards $15,500 in grants
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana first lady Karen Pence has awarded $15,500 in
College Go Helps Students Plan for college
INDIANAPOLIS -If you are the pa
Pence Team Begins Laying Out Case for Tax Overhaul, Push Expected during 2015 session
Gov. Mike Pence's administrati
Appeals Court Questions Approval Of Utility Rate Increase
Protect Our Drinking Water from Toxic Coal Ash Pollution!
Background Coal ash is contaminating our drinking water supplies and endangering Hoosiers&
Turner Loses Leadership Post
Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma announced this afternoon that State Rep. Eric Turner is losing his leadership due to an ethics scandal earlier this year.
Indiana's Republican Secretary of State Suppresses Nearly 700,000 Voters as 'Inactive'
Another GOP attempt to keep people from the polls is going on in Indiana, and this time it could affect nearly 700,00 voters.  Indiana’s Secretary of State Connie Lawson is...
Study: Energy Effort Paying Off
Indianapolis, Ind. -- On August 15th, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) submitted the Demand Side Management (DSM) Report to the Indiana General Assembly. The...
Pryor on BlueIndy-OUCC Agreement: “It's still a bad deal, because it's still a tax increase"
INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) today issued the following statement on an agreement reached between the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor...
OUCC: IPL Electric Vehicle Case.  OUCC Opposes Ratepayer Funding!
Indianapolis Power & Light Co. (IPL) is requesting IURC approval of an alternative regulatory plan that would facilitate the City of Indianapolis' proposal to create an...
Pence's Cuts Could Pose Problems for lawmakers
Universities were among the hardest hit state-funded entities during the so-called Great Recession.
Free Teacher Supplies Store Expands, Wants Your help
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 13, 2014) — A store on the near east side devoting its efforts to putting more supplies in teachers’ classrooms hopes to expand with the help of the...
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission's (IURC's) Public Field hearing
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission’s (IURC’s) public field
Indiana Should Embrace Cleaner energy
When it comes to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan, I wish Indiana’s business community sounded more like the Little Engine That Could than...
Street Performers To Make Debut In Indianapolis
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A special project aims to foster the art of street performance in downtown Indianapolis.
Take Home Cars or Crime Prevention? Pick One.
Unfortunately, recent reports from township government in Marion County reveal that only 19 cents of every tax dollar meant to assist the poor actually went to those
Smith: Indy Should Favor Gardeners in Clash over Urban farms
For the past 20 years, Kay Grimm has spent her days toiling on the Near Eastside, turning five empty lots in the shadow of the Indianapolis Re-entry Education Facility into a...
TV Report on Racy Broad Ripple Club Flyers Sparks Online uproar
Do thongs equal trouble? Social media has been in an uproar 
Two Percent of Animals Returned from Mega Adoption Event
INDIANAPOLIS - Organizers with the 
State Ethics Commission Approves Settlement With Former State Superintendent Tony Bennett
The State Ethics Commission today approved a settlement regarding former state superintendent Tony Bennett’s unethical practice of using state resources during his 2012...
Vintage Films Get Second Chance
There are film buffs, and there Film Buffs. Falling squarely in the latter category, Eric Grayson, an Indianapolis-based film collector, historian, and preservationist, teaches...
Federal Court: Indiana Must Allow Secular Celebrants to Solemnize Marriages | Center for Inquiry
In a landmark victory for nonreligious Americans, the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit unanimously ruled that the state of Indiana must allow marriages to be performed...
New Community Cat Program Begins (VIDEO)
The TNR program has made a large dent in the number of animals put down by shelters and animal control in Marion County. It also helps provide a better life for the feral cats...