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REMINDER: Public Forums Will Focus on State's MBE/WBE Disparity study
Wed, Jan 28, 2015 5:30pm
Indiana Government Center South, Conference Center Auditorium, 302 W. Washington St. · Cost: Free
REMINDER: Public Forums Will Focus on State's MBE/WBE Disparity study
Jan 23, 2015

 The State of Indiana—including the Indiana Department of Administration, the Indiana Department of Transportation, the Indianapolis Airport Authority, Hoosier Lottery and seven state educational institutions—is conducting a disparity study to measure the participation and availability of minority- and women-owned businesses in state contracts and procurements.

      The consulting firm working with the State of Indiana to develop this study will be host three public forums to inform the public about the study, answer any study-related questions, and obtain verbal or written testimony from participants about business conditions in the Indiana marketplace.

      These forums will be held in Gary, Indianapolis and Evansville on the following dates at the locations listed below:

  • GARY: Tuesday, Jan. 27, at Ivy Tech Community College, Multi-Purpose Room, 1440 E. 35th Ave. [REGISTER | GET A MAP].
  • INDIANAPOLIS: Wednesday, Jan. 28, at Indiana Government Center South, Conference Center Auditorium, 302 W. Washington St. [REGISTER | GET A MAP].
  • EVANSVILLE: Thursday, Jan. 29, at Ivy Tech Community College, Auditorium, 3501 N. First Ave. [REGISTER | GET A MAP].
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REMINDER: Public Forums Will Focus on State's MBE/WBE Disparity study