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Hey there! If you stopped to read this, wow, you're awesome! And since you're that awesome, maybe you'd be willing to check out this super sweet, not-so-top-secret campaign to take Films For Action to the next level of awesome in our quest to change the world. All the details here. Cheers!
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Bill Bartlett added local news on Mar 5, 2014
BBC News School Report 2014 at Al Akhawayn School Ifrane (ASI)
Students and staff at ASI are being challenged to produce the news for the BBC on March 27th 2014. The schools news' website will link into the BBC news via the Co-operative...
Bill Bartlett added local news on Jan 26, 2014
Film show Monday
We are looking at plastic fantastic films. Actually not quite so fantastic as we realise that our new campaign to cut down the use of plastic at the University is an important...
Bill Bartlett added local news on Nov 25, 2013
From little things, big things grow!
We're excited to announce that Films For Action is planting roots in Ifrane, Morocco. Bill Bartlett is kick-starting the local chapter. For those that are new to Films For...
Bill Bartlett added local news on Nov 25, 2013
Cleanest city in the world?
Some sources are singing that Ifrane is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Firstly I'm not sure that we can define Ifrane as a city at all, and secondly, my initial...

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