Hey there! If you stopped to read this, wow, you're awesome! And since you're that awesome, maybe you'd be willing to check out this super sweet, not-so-top-secret campaign to take Films For Action to the next level of awesome in our quest to change the world. All the details here. Cheers!
Join the Community

Become a member of Films For Action and network with other positive individuals working to change the world. By becoming a member you'll be able to befriend and message members, create a personal profile, vote up or down on content to keep the quality of the site high, and contribute excellent content to our demcratic media commons.


Add Content

We want Films For Action to be the definitive place to watch "change the world" type films online. If you come across a great video that hasn't been added yet, we encourage you to add it! We're looking for quality over quantity, so only add the very best of the best, and filter out the rest. The usefulness of this resource will be as good as we make it.

We also encourage you to add independent news links, original articles, and action-oriented articles, as well as local events or groups if you live in a city that has a local chapter. Check out our F.A.Q. and Guide to Adding Content for more.

Join the Street Team

Help us get the word out about the project by handing out flyers to people in your city. Enlist the support of a few awesome friends and hit the streets! You can download quarter-page flyers or full-page posters that promote the website from our Downloads section. Print up a few hundred of each type at a copy center, get the flyers cut up, and pick a few busy places to hand them out and put the posters up. Downtown, on your college campus, at or after like-minded events, shopping centers, big outdoor events, or any other high-traffic areas where you can stand and hand out lots of flyers in a short amount of time are all good places to start. Email or call us if you have any questions or would like to brainstorm strategy. This is one of the best ways you can help the project grow.

Host a Film Screening

Get your feet wet with a one-off film screening of one of your favorite "action" documentaries. Public film screenings are a great way to bring your community together to learn about important issues. You or someone comfortable with public speaking can lead a discussion afterwards to brainstorm ways your community can take action. You can also use a film event to help build momentum and enthusiasm for an existing campaign. Check out our guide to hosting film screenings for more.

Help/ Graphic Designers

Want to put your graphic design skills to work on some new flyer designs? We'd love to have your help developing new promotional materials for the website. Since our city chapters run on a tight budget, black & white quarter-page flyers or full-page posters printed on yellow paper are our go-to medium for getting the word out on the streets. We also occasionally print up full-color flyers if the design is especially exceptional. Last, we're always working on new online graphics that fit within the standard ad sizes (300x250px, 125x125, 728x90 etc). You can email your concept ideas or drafts to filmsforaction@gmail.com. Get in touch to brainstorm ideas.

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Help/ Film Makers

We're looking for people with film/editing/story-board experience that would be interested in shooting/editing/developing a 30 second to 3 minute PSA to promote the Films For Action website online. There are so many angles to tackle this creatively, we're hoping to create several short videos, each using a different theme. For now though, we'd like to get one! Get in touch with us to hear our current ideas and to bounce off any ideas you have. If you want to make a rough video sketch to get your idea across that would be excellent. Your help on this will be greatly appreciated!

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Become an FFA Writer

Each of our City Chapters hosts a blog that features articles, op-eds and news contributed by local writers in the spirit of democratic, participatory journalism. Our Chapter blogs aim to focus on local issues and events, providing progressive local coverage of important issues, which are often under-represented by established media. If you'd like to become a regular blogger for your local chapter, submit one or two sample writings to them for consideration. If you don't write that frequently, you can always send in your article as a guest submission. If you already write content for an existing blog or website, we'd love to have your content sydnicated on our own. Or, if you know of a blogger in your city that does good work, send them our way.

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Start A City Chapter

Does your city not have its own chapter yet? Start one yourself! While starting a chapter requires a solid commitment, it's also one of the greatest ways you can have a positive impact on your city. And of course, you won't be doing it alone. For more details, check out our page on starting Films For Action in Your City.


Our work is sustained by generous donations from people like you. Large or small, your support is greatly appreciated.