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Public Harvest
Founded: 2011
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Who We Are

Public Harvest is a consciously operated organization dedicated to increasing the awareness, access, and availability of publicly grown and harvested food for the local community. Public Harvest is a newly organized nonprofit based in the Eugene/Springfield area of Oregon. We encourage everyone to enjoy the free food that is continually growing on our public lands.

What We Do

Public Harvest was founded for the primary purpose of utilizing locally produced food that would otherwise go to waste. As an organization, our work is concentrated on the two main objectives of making information regarding the location and availability of public food more accessible to the general public, and organizing our communities to plant more freely available food. In pursuit of these objectives, we advocate for increased awareness about food consumption in general and promote participatory relationships between people and their food sources. We value community involvement, the practice of conservation, and an understanding of our interconnection with the entirety of nature. We seek to serve our communities by providing free food, hands-on experience, and relevant education. Finally, in all of our operations and engagements, Public Harvest aspires to be ecologically, socially, and personally sustainable and enriching.

Get Involved

Want to get involved with Public Harvest? There is always more to plant, harvest, and refine than we alone can accomplish. First and foremost, don't hesitate to take your own initiative, to plant or find your own harvest, and be sure to tell us about it. If you want a little more direction, we will be offering group outings to both plant and harvest, and small classes teaching specific refinement techniques.

Areas of Focus
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