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Cascadia Forest Defenders
Founded: 2009
Contact Email:
Who We Are

Cascadia Forest Defenders are the last line of defense between the forest and the sawmills. We are decentralized activists working together to stop the ecologically devastating and economically exploitative industrial timber harvest practices though community outreach, grassroots organizing, political pressure and non-violent direct action. We can also offer resources, organizing or logistical support to you or other groups working for ecological and social justice.

What We Do

A successful campaign is won through a diversity of tactics... which requires a diversity of people. If you can't leave town often or participate in legally precarious activities, we are just as eager for more help and experience organizing media, doing food pick-ups, volunteering and fliering for our events, researching and scouting timber sales, etc. We need web gurus just as much as we need tree climbers.

Get Involved

A number of your elected representatives are personally responsible for the destruction of Oregon's wilderness. In October, the State Land Board approved a plan that will increase the annual clearcut in the Elliott State Forest from 500 to 850 acres. Please contact the following members of the Board and tell them not to sell off our children's future to the highest bidder!