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Refugee Aid Centre in Bristol Overwhelmed With Donations – video
A wood recycling centre in Bristol has turned itself into a aid centre for donations to help refugees in Calais. The centre has been open for several weeks – but
179% Increase in Immigration Enforcement Visits
As the humanitarian crisis unfolds in Calais and places further afield, it’s easy to overlook the increase of immigration raids in Bristol. There was a 179% increase in UK...
Politics and Hip Hop in Bristol
Getting To Know....The Bristol Bike Project
The Bristol Bike Project aims to provide free bicycles to underprivileged groups that would not otherwise have the opportunity to own one. All of the bikes are either unwanted...
Films for Action Bristol Chapter Launch
We're excited to announce that Films For Action is planting roots in Bristol. For those that are new to Films For Action, we're a local and international organisation...