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Kim Ahrens added local news on Jun 19, 2015
Il Progetto "Orti Ecologici" Unisg: Un Connubio Tra Le Scienze Gastronomiche E l'Agroecologia
A Garden Project.
Kim Ahrens added local news on Jun 19, 2015
Sunday Is a Nice Day to Kill chickens
Students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences join a chicken farmer. We all eat what we find in the supermarket, or if we are lucky on a farmer's market, but what if you...
Kim Ahrens added local news on Jun 19, 2015
Welcome to Bra! A Student's Welcome! A Cheers on Food!
Our Norwegian college, Jonas Zackrisson Torp, describes the unique annual welcome procedure at a University for food lovers, protectors, and possibly future producers. A cheers...
Kim Ahrens added local news on Jun 19, 2015
Language: English, Italian, Spanish Explica de una manera amplia el significado de Gastronomía y lo que es un Gastrónomo, algo que muchos confunden con Artes Culinarias. Está...

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