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Articles by Frances Moore Lappé
The Opposite of Evil Is No Longer Goodness
Frances Moore Lappé · My headline is provocative, so let me quickly explain, starting with a huge claim about what’s unique about our world in this moment. Then I ask, What, right now, is most required of our species? Our era has been dubbed...
We Have What It Takes to Meet the Crisis of Our Democracy
Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen · In 1999, Dee Hock, founder of Visa, quipped, “It’s far too late and things are far too bad for pessimism.” But 18 years later, pessimism can feel like the new realism. After all, just three Americans control more wealth than the bottom...
Farming for a Small Planet
Frances Moore Lappé · People yearn for alternatives to industrial agriculture, but they are worried. They see large-scale operations relying on corporate-supplied chemical inputs as the only high-productivity farming model. Another approach might be kinder...
Why Hope Has Power in This Gut-Wrenching Election Year
Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen · Cynicism and despair are among democracy’s worst enemies.
Why Sharing News About Solutions Is a Revolutionary Act
Frances Moore Lappé · Scary stories of kidnappings and explosions lead our news feeds, but it's the good news that helps break down the myth of our own powerlessness. "If it bleeds, it leads." Ever hear that maxim of journalism? If you want readers, go...
What Five-letter Word Can't You Live Without?
Frances Moore Lappé · Here it is: Power. Now, quick, before reading further, close your eyes. What associations come to mind? If your list is full words like coercion, force, guns, oppression, domination, money, you could be in big trouble. Turns out...
Could Our Deepest Fears Hold the Key to Ending Violence?
Frances Moore Lappé · Feelings of fear and powerlessness are driving the cycle of violence that surrounds us. To change that, we need to recognize that we need each other to thrive as individuals.