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Archived Member added local news on Feb 16, 2015
Films for Action Launches in Austin, Texas
We're excited to announce that Films For Action is planting roots in Austin, Texas. For those that are new to Films For Action, we're a local and international organization...

Welcome the Austin, TX chapter!

Please read the member bios below to learn about the Films For Action - ATX team!

Anna Reed

Anna was born and raised right here in Austin, TX. Always showing a passion for community and collective action, she helped to co-found the Austin Chapter of Films for Action. She saw Films for Action as a wonderful opportunity to connect with other activists to inspire and motivate social change in the Austin community. She sees this chapter as a space where critical information can be shared, discussed, and translated into actions that promote equality and understanding. Anna hopes that Austin’s Films for Action chapter can bring together various activist groups from the community, to collaborate and change the community for the better.


Anna currently serves as an AmeriCorps VISTA for the Central Texas Afterschool Network (CTAN). She is also a dedicated yogi and hopes to someday teach yoga while continuing to work for social justice.


Adam Benden


Adam was born in Southern Illinois but after years of traveling, living in Boston and the twin cities of Minnesota, decided to make Austin his home. Upon moving to Austin, Adam found himself seeking a community of socially conscious Austinites, individuals specifically interested in social issues that individuals in Austin, as well as people all around the world, face everyday. With this in mind, he gathered his friends / acquaintances and helped form the ATX Films for Action chapter. Adam hopes that someday the chapter will help to unify different causes and organizations around town to help bring about real change. Adam also enjoys teaching music and yoga.


Nihel Ayari


Nihel has spent the past 14 years here in Austin and considers it home. She identifies as Canadian, Tunisian, and American and learned English as a 3rd language during her childhood. Nihel joined Films for Action because she was searching for a community of like-minded individuals from whom she could learn as well as share her knowledge. Nihel hopes that the ATX Films for Action chapter will be comprised of other activists and leaders from diverse backgrounds who will inspire and create small, yet meaningful, changes in our city.


Max Stolarski


Max Stolarki, a passionate jazz pianist and math guru, calls Austin, Texas his home. He is a full-time PhD Student in Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. Max joined Films for Action to build awareness of the nuances of contemporary social and political issues as well as to provide a forum to spur innovative responses.


Jeffrey Sternberg


Jeff is from Plymouth, Michigan and relocated to Austin to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA member working with Texas Impact. He has been to forty-five out of the fifty States, and visited thirty-two of them just last year traveling across the country with two of his closest friends. Jeff joined Films for Action because he saw it as the first step in kick-starting change through action, resistance, and creation. He thinks that in order to cause any change in society, you first have to stir people to action. He believes the first step is to critique society and the issues facing us today through writing, speech, and in this case films. He then believes that this information must be disseminated to the people, and only then can a conversation about these issues begin. This is where he sees Films for Action coming in, creating the first spark that opens up the greater conversation. As the conversation grows and continues, people and struggles are brought together, relationships are created, plans are made, and a community is formed. It is only once the people have mobilized and defined themselves and their project that they can move forward and try to change the world in which they live. Jeffrey is confident that the ATX Films For Action chapter will bring together and create a community committed to creating change.


Natasha Al-Rafie


Natasha is from Worcester, Massachusetts and relocated to Austin, Texas to work as an AmeriCorps VISTA Leader at the University of Texas at Austin. In her free time, Natasha enjoys going on walks, reading, and creating art. She joined the ATX Films For Action chapter because she has always been driven to create social change, being an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence; she is also always interested in taking on leadership positions. This group allows Natasha to explore her passions for both advocacy and art. She is confident that the ATX Films For Action Chapter will engage community members in meaningful conversations surrounding the social issues happening in Austin now.


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