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Community Guidelines

Keep it civil. Keep it respectful. 

There are no strangers here. Think of every person on our Facebook page as a friend you have in real life, and that should provide a solid foundation to guide the discussion.

Films For Action welcomes a diversity of viewpoints.

Disagreement can often be a healthy catalyst for evolving and improving our own understandings, but this can only work to everyone's benefit if the tone of these disagreements remains respectful, sincere, and from the heart (sarcasm isn't a great way to start a fruitful dialog either, as you've probably noticed).

We hope to use our Facebook page to foster a positive and constructive community for people that want to create a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world.

We would like our community to be a place not so much for arguing about differing points of view (win/lose thinking), but more so a place to help each other reach the common goals we share (win/win thinking). It's a place to learn, network, share knowledge and experiences, and support real-world organization and movement building.