YDP-B: Do You Want to Be Unhealthy?

YDP-B: fitfest Nobody wants to be unhealthy, then why is India doing nothing about its health? Join our campaign to spread the message and to help inspire change. Volunteer today! We are proud to announce our newest project on healthy living, YDP-B: Fitfest! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NtQ5OOPfzo Why health and nutrition?  Everyone is united in this ‘thought’, to be in good health. Who wants to be unhealthy, right?  But we aren't healthy. India is obese, depressed and lazy. The statistics are shocking! It's time we did something about it, for if it's preventable then why suffer? What does this mean for YDPians? We will be conducting activities that will promote healthy living with regards to both physical and mental fitness. These activities aren't your everyday yoga sessions... read more
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YDP-B: Do You Want to Be Unhealthy?