Why They Kicked Out All the Men

Why do women discriminate against men at the Ima Keithel, the Mother's Market? This bazaar is the largest women-only market in the world. Men are allowed to shop, but otherwise they have to leave. The city even posts notices that men shouldn’t hang out at the Market, if they’ve got nothing better to do. The Mother’s Market is run and managed entirely by women. The market’s located at the heart of Imphal, a remote city in northeastern India.

The Mothers’ Market discrimination against men – simply because of their sex – will also some day also fade away… just as soon as women can work without fear of sexual harassment, enjoy the same employment chances as men and earn equal pay as men.

But until this happens, the Mother’s Market – although its not a perfect place – it seems like an old tradition who’s time has come. Maybe there should even be more Mother’s Markets in the world today.


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Why They Kicked Out All the Men