What the Frack, Jerry Brown?! 8 Comedic Videos to Ban Fracking in California

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What the Frack, Jerry Brown?! is a comedic video series about the insane impacts of fracking in California. Featuring an all-star cast from Los Angeles, Oakland, and the frontlines of the fracking crisis in Kern County, we stand with people across the state calling on Gov. Jerry Brown to ban fracking in California. The project is produced by Movement Generation and The Other 98%, in partnership with the Center on Race, Poverty, & the Environment. We filmed all the videos in Kern County, at the epicenter of California's fracking crisis. The fracking wells we filmed are located on fruit and nut orchards, highlighting their destructive impacts on our food supply. Moreover, the fracking wells are only a few hundred yards from a local elementary school. The school's overwhelmingly Latino... read more
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What the Frack, Jerry Brown?! 8 Comedic Videos to Ban Fracking in California