Watch this pair of armchairs discuss the politics of Britain!

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Watch this pair of armchairs discuss the politics of Britain! Recent events highlight just how divided Britain has become but our ability to communicate across geographical, class and generational divides will determine whether we either fragment further or find a way to come together. Directed by Bexie Bush, ’Britain’ is a beautiful example of how we can utilise animation to allow marginalised voices to be heard and understood. Bexie has now turned her attention to the future of energy with her new film ‘The Rumour Mill.’ Not only is the animation technique groundbreaking, she also hopes to engage us all in a debate about the future of energy, again relying on marginalised voices to drive the film. The future of energy and climate change are the great challenges of our time yet many... read more
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Watch this pair of armchairs discuss the politics of Britain!