Wall Street's War for Drug Money: A Basic Lesson in Real Economics

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In December, 2000 at the request of Professor David Andrus of USC's School of International Relations, Michael C. Ruppert gave a lecture on economics that rocked the foundations of about 70 upper classmen. There is the economics that is taught in most college curricula and then there is the real economics; fully documented, incontrovertible, and shocking.

One seems like an impossible to understand, overcomplicated science, and the other is so simple, once you see it, that it will change your life. All these years later, Mike, after giving more than 50 lectures in nine countries still calls "Wall Street's War for Drug Money" the place to start learning about what really drives the world and why death is more profitable than life under the economic paradigm requiring infinite growth.

Whether you want to understand more about two areas where Mike has become world famous- 9/11 and Peak Oil- or you just want a better understanding of how money works, "Wall Street's War for Drug Money" is not just the place to start. Without it you won't really understand all of the pioneering research that FTW has produced since.

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