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Chuck Nelson is a fourth generation coal miner who spent 30 years as an underground miner. When mountaintop removal coal mining came to his hometown, Chuck watched his wife develop severe asthma, saw neighbors fall ill, and looked on as an unlined earthen dam was filled with 9 billion gallons of coal waste -- or sludge -- two miles upstream from his town. Now Chuck is joining a growing community of people fighting to stop mountaintop removal.

"In this fight, we face new challenges every day, and setbacks all the time. But I keep telling myself: If you get knocked down, just get back up. That's what courage is. You have got to keep getting back up." Chuck said. To learn more about his story click here - http://earthjustice.org/mountain-heroes/chuck-nelson

Click here to do something positive - http://earthjustice.org/mymtrstory

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