Today I Lost A Friend And Slam Poet...Rest In Power Zaccheus Jackson

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Today I lost a good friend.  Zaccheus Jackson and I connected over our mutual love for the art of spoken word poetry a few years back, and our paths often crossed when I would return to Vancovuer.  Our conversations would often be around issues of addiction, the ones that he battled with in his life personally, and those that I  faced with family members.   "A bit more than eight years ago, I decided to exchange my pipe for a pen, reclaim my life once again, stop waiting for all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to give rise to the moment when this no longer defines me. Now that mind frame’s behind me.” Rest in power Zaccheus.  By: Alex Ballingall News, Published on Fri Aug 29 2014 Zaccheus Jackson kept a lot of poems in his head. He’d recite them to rapt audiences and... read more
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Today I Lost A Friend And Slam Poet...Rest In Power Zaccheus Jackson