This is the National Health Service (NHS)

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The story of one of the most complex organisations in the world, told through the voices of those on the frontline.

Part 1: The NHS Explained

Part 2: A&E confessions: a 90-year-old's secret to a happy marriage

Part 3: A&E confessions: the first time I stitched up a patient

Part 4: Children's lives in the balance at NHS paediatric intensive care unit

Part 5: Junior doctors on Lewisham picket line: 'Devalued, demoralised, determined'

Part 6: Knocked down, spat at and trampled on: another day in A&E

Part 7: The dignity of a planned death

Part 8: One lung, four wheels and a magical speedy recovery

Part 9: The incredibly itchy back

Part 10: Dr Goldfinger and the rectal examination


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This is the National Health Service (NHS)