This Is Not A Recession, It's A Robbery (2013)

Under the cloak of austerity the primary purpose of this government is to move public money into private pockets! The artist taxi driver takes to the road interviewing people suffering under the ideological destruction of the welfare system: nurses, the homeless, the unemployed, people on workfare, people who have suffered at the hands of the likes of ATOS along with bankers, economists, MPs, judges, lawyers, royals, comedians arms dealers, royals wizards, bishops and Lords... Conducting dozens of interviews and uploading them onto youtube on the day! But then editing a 90 minute film and proving that this government is involved in privatising public services with the sole purpose of increasing their own power and wealth by the embezzling of public money into their own... read more
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This Is Not A Recession, It's A Robbery (2013)