The Voice of Generation Obama (2009)
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This documentary profiles the Obama campaign's massive youth movement and Obama's 27-year-old speechwriter Jon Favreau.

What made the Obama speeches so appealing to young people? And why does the Millennial generation born after 1981, and now coming of age as voters, seem the perfect generation for Obamas message of hope and optimism? What impact did the campaign rhetoric have on the Millennials and is Obamas young speechwriter Jon Favreau the voice of this new generation?

Young campaign volunteers in Virginia and Obama's national student leader in Washington DC explain how the Obama speeches inspired them to join the movement. There are also interviews with Jon Favreau's former college professors. Who is Jon Favreau? What shaped his political views? And how much of the speeches that gave words to the hope, aspirations and energy of a new generation is Jon, and how much is Obama?
on Fri, Oct 19 2012 · 3,240 Views
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