The Separation of Sunflower Movement 太陽花運動的孤島效應

They gathered for the feast, they stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast. 號召所有人齊赴盛會 ,學生們佔領了議會,卻無法宰殺那隻野獸! People vs Legislators, Jumpers vs Sit Down Organizarion, Mic-Controller vs Occupiers vs Police, Movers, Shakers and hampers... more are on their way, for there is a revolution going on here. But the separation of the Island Effect is strong! #OccupyChamber is now secured by the police, ordered by 9人決策圈 9 Men Circle, supervised by some politicians, and supported by the people of ‪#‎OccupyCongress‬ outside. Q1. Why #‎SunflowerMovement太陽花運動‬ replace ‪#‎OccupyCongress佔領立法院‬? Why ‪#‎OccupyChamber佔領議場‬ turned into變成 ‪#‎StudentFarm學生農場‬? 依賴寡頭操作和黨團勢力,避免全面占領或清場, 是否民主?  ‪#‎OccupyCongress佔領立法院‬: Occupy the Ministry of Legislative Yuan (0318~0424, 2014) against... read more
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The Separation of Sunflower Movement 太陽花運動的孤島效應