The Reef, She Needs You.

The Great Barrier Reef is under serious threat. She needs us. We must defend her.

This vid was shot and edited by one of our crew. He is just an average dude, and an even more average camera pointer-er, but it's not hard to film something so magnificent. If you have a spare 3 minutes, find some quiet, take a deep breath, click play and try to imagine you're there. 

This was all shot freediving with one camera in only a few hours on The Great Barrier Reef. If you haven't yet visited The Reef, we suggest you do everything you can to get there. You will understand why it is so crucial we protect her. 

Find out how to help here:
Or here:

Song: Ends
Artist: Noveller 

Thank you for watching.

Click the facebook link below to get involved.

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The Reef, She Needs You.