The People vs CSG: The Birth of CSG Free Communities

Creating Gasfield Free communities: All over the Northern Rivers, communities are taking charge of their destiny via this grass-roots process. They conduct a thorough survey of people in their locality, asking “Do you want your roads and lands Gasfield Free?” After reaching majority decision, they declare themselves Gasfield Free. Citizens then put up Gasfield Free Road Signs and present Declarations to their Mayor.  It is important to note that these Declarations are not ‘petitions’. It’s a community’s Declaration of intent to defend themselves from an invasive, reckless industry. The strategy was piloted in The Channon, then spread fast. At last count, 119 Northern Rivers communities have Declared themselves Gasfield Free, with an average YES response of 95% (>27,000... read more
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The People vs CSG: The Birth of CSG Free Communities