The Natural State of America

Residents of the Ozark Highlands of Arkansas, the “Natural State,” engaged in a battle with their rural electric cooperative over the spraying of herbicides on powerline right-of-ways.  Herbicides have been sprayed against landowners’ wishes, in many cases even after they explicitly requested or posted their land not to be sprayed.  The issue of herbicide applications and local resistance is not a new one, however; in 1975 the Newton County Wildlife Association (NCWA) formed to protest and legally challenge the aerial spraying of herbicides (2,4,D & 2,4,5,T) on the Ozark National Forests.   NCWA succeeded in halting such aerial spraying and their legal precedent prevented the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) from using these methods in National Forests throughout the United States of... read more
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The Natural State of America