The Invisible Hands- India(2013)

'...if a man marries his housekeeper or his cook, the national dividend is diminished as the former cook would no longer fetch any wage', wrote Arthur Cecil Pigou, the English welfare economist in 1920. However, its a gain for the male house owner. He could now fire the cook and make his former housekeeper do cooking, housekeeping and help in the farm; all for free, well almost!  Better bargain would be to get a wife and make her the housekeeper, cook and labourer, all rolled into one, as is the practice even as we approach 2020. However, what  is the impact on the country's economy and society when its women double up as unpaid and underpaid labourers? Who benefits-the country, women or someone else? What is the value of those unpaid services?  This short documentary provides lot of data as apparent answers to these questions so that you will raise even more questions. Presenting "The Invisible Hands... that build India"- a curtain raiser on women's role in the Indian economy.

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The Invisible Hands- India(2013)