Terrorism & Nonviolence: An Animation

Terrorism. It’s in the news; it’s in our lives. The US military is fighting an endless, borderless war on terror, but bombs and drones are just, “making terrorists faster than we can kill them.” Isn’t there a better way to deal with this? You bet! It shows up the minute we drop the "old story" of separateness, competition and violence and start over from a different, "new story" perspective. The 9/11 attacks, the KKK’s lynching of African Americans, the Unabomber, and recent events at the hands of ISIS are all examples of terrorism. And, in every case, there’s one thing we have to understand: Beneath the label of terrorist is a human being. When we remove labels like terrorist, monster and evil, we step closer to understanding – and reaching – the human being behind the terrible... read more
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Terrorism & Nonviolence: An Animation