Techno Police 21C (1982) With EngDub

Techno Police 21C or Techno Police (テクノポリス21C Tekunoporisu Nijūisseki?) is a 1982 Japanese mecha police anime film made by Toho Productions and released on 7 August 1982. It was dubbed into English by Hong Kong voice actors. The anime film's premise involves an advanced robot police squad trying to recover a hijacked prototype tank. Is an early anime presentation for a slightly older audience than that of children's cartoons, at a time when there wasn't much competition and before the clichés were established for this genre of action. The anime was made during the Cold War and so the tank was hijacked from a futuristic cargo plane and was designed to withstand a neutron bomb attack, even if its crew would be killed by that weapon, for the tank was computerized to continue to fight on... read more
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Techno Police 21C (1982) With EngDub