Tallulah Rendall A Song For Peace In Pictures

Tallulah Rendall A Song For Peace dedicated to the Child Refugees Of War. All donations to the Child Refugees Of War Team Save the Children Save the Children UK Save the Children Please share and join me in helping them. To make a donation please visit https://www.justgiving.com/Tallulah-Rendall A huge thank you to Ithaca College student Emily Natal for creating this video. ‘I read the news one morning and immediately wrote this song.  I was unsure if I would share it with anyone, until I read the news the next day and suddenly felt, I had to.  I wanted to do something to help those children in desperate need and hoped that on hearing the song listeners would be inspired to join me in raising money for them.  In the past I have be involved in many amazing charity events and crowd... read more
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Tallulah Rendall A Song For Peace In Pictures