Taiwan Tree-Huggers 台灣環保最前線

Trees, water & land are dear, they can be given up for money 水土樹木誠可貴, 但為圖利皆可拋!  (1~6)江翠護樹: A group of retired teachers, tree-huggers and citizens are protesting against the plan of removing 32 trees on the campus of Chiang-Tsui Junior high school, for some new constructions, for 7 years in New Taipei City, Taiwan. (我願游泳於樹海.搶救江翠老樹) (7~9)守護東海岸 East Coast Taitung 反美麗灣 March to the Capital (10)邵族驅邪@環保署 Thao Exorcise Landgrab Evil@EPA  (11)碧潭護吊橋 BITAN SUSPENSION BRIDGE  (12)反核四五六運動 Taiwan NoNukes Gathering 456 (13, 14)抗議內政部出賣山林破壞水土 Stop Corporate Our Land & Water@Ministry of Interior  (15)為老樹老房子請命@南崁五福宮  (16~18)松菸護樹 Songyan Trees Protection to Stop Farglory Dome & their shopping malls   #Taiwan Brief History 台灣簡史: -1895~1945: Japanese colonial period. 日本治台50年。 -1947: KMT... read more
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Taiwan Tree-Huggers 台灣環保最前線