Taiwan Independence Activists 被漠視的台獨運動

"You can't wake up the people who don't want to wake up 裝睡的人叫不醒!"  "Taiwan is not China, ROC goes home 台灣中國, 一邊一國!" Most of the pro Taiwan Independence activists were stubborn, localized, country-like and over middle age, out on the street with their tall flags, labelled caps n shirts, struggle with their numbers n their 2 or 3 unions (公投盟, 908台灣國, 北社...), just like their unidentified mother land_Taiwan. "Long live to Taiwan Independence 台灣獨立萬歲!" They either want KMT (the ruling party of Taiwan from China) to step down, or they will overthrow the colonial ROC from Taiwan. Even these activists hold the strongest core value of Taiwan independence, they were few, neglected and undesirable by the medias, the politicians and the people of Taiwan_now Republic of China.    #Taiwan Brief... read more
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Taiwan Independence Activists 被漠視的台獨運動