Sydney Has No Horses: Oglala Lakota Medicine Man - Trailer (trailer)

Sidney Has No Horses: Oglala Lakota Medicine Man A Documentary in Progress by Prairie-Ice Productions (Salvatore Consalvi & Brigitte Timmerman). Tagline: Sidney Has No Horses is a Lakota Medicine Man, carpenter, artist, hunter . . . Chief. His spiritual lineage is legendary, his ceremonies, profoundly spiritual.

For the past 6-years, filmmakers from Prairie-Ice Productions have been returning to Wakpamni Lake in the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to interview a traditional Lakota Medicine Man and experience his ancient ceremonies.

The documentary began as a character study and has evolved through the violence, anxiety, and intergenerational trauma of the modern reservation system. Ultimately, he hopes to reveal and preserve the rituals and holistic world-view connecting one indigenous community to its Ancestors, the Spirit World, and the Great Mystery.

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Sydney Has No Horses: Oglala Lakota Medicine Man - Trailer