Suffragists: The Fight to Vote

A Miss R*EVOLutionaries original video.

There's an email circulating that tells of the brutal treatment in 1917 at Occoquan, Virginia, prison, of women who had picketed the White House as part of the campaign to win the vote for women. It took a lot of sacrifice to win the vote for women, and women today should honor their sacrifice by taking our right to vote seriously, and actually getting to the polls. 

The author of the article in the email, though the emails usually omit the credit, is Connie Schultz of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland." (taken from Johnson Lewis)
Miss R•EVOLutionaries has slightly adapted the original email and told the story here in this video presentation. Please share this with all of the women in your life and ask them to take seriously their obligation in political discourse and decisions that truly effect their everyday lives.
Writer/producer/voiceover: Nanette Harrison
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Suffragists: The Fight to Vote